What are you currently listening to?




Old Mans Child - In Defiance of Existence
The drumming on this album is insane…Nick Narker’s best performence of his career IMO.



Mayhem - Ordo ad Chao, Estoreic Warfare
Old Mans Child - Slaves of the World, Vermin, The Pagan Prosperity

66Samus’s Youtube and Twitch channels…the dude is just Fn amazing!


Don’t say I never meme.


Rookie stuff, kid.





In a surprising turn of events, Skinless is coming out with a new album May 11th!


Gangnam Style with Infant Annihilator doing the instrumentation. Aaron Kitcher’s drum work is ridiculous.


i saw Iced Earth live the other night, omfg what a killer show! i drank, i fought, i had a total blast! hangover was pretty fuookkyng brutal though, i vaguely remember leaning against a building somewhere and re-enacting the exorcist. thank god i didnt have to drive lmao



I hate you! lol…nah man glad you had a good time! Wish i could have seen them again!


they played a good mix of old and new songs. it was a killer set, and they had great energy up there. i never got to see barlow, but block was great. deadly smedley also killed it on those drums



Oohhhhh Smedley!! THats cool! When I seen them it was Ripper Owens onvocals, Raplh Santolla on lead, and Richard Christy on drums. Raplh adn Richard were both in DEATH.
THe 2nd time iwas to see them on the Dystopia tour with Block and Smedley they cancelled the last few shows and mine was one of them…it was in Houston with Symphony X on the Iconoclast/Dystopia world tour…my 2 favorite albums by both groups.