What are "Likes"?

Express agreement, support, and highlight interesting posts with the prominent :heart: button on every post.

Properties of Likes

  • All likes are public:

  • Each post shows which users have liked it

  • A user’s profile tracks all given and received likes.

  • The first “Like” on a post will trigger a notification to the post’s

  • Likes can also award badges.

  • Example: a post with 10 likes will grant the author a “Nice Post” badge (default admin setting).

  • You can not like your own post.

  • You can only like a post once.

  • You can only undo a like within 10 minutes after submitting the like.

  • Likes affect post rankings (undocumented) (Top, external comments

  • The amount of likes you can pass out in a day depends on your Trust