What all is important to get a high damage combo

I do combo’s in different kind of ways (long/short, different buttobs, etc) but the ones I think should give high damage sometimes disappoint and visa versa…

So if you guys could give me some pointers, that would be great :slightly_smiling:

start p ur combo however u want…and as soon as u get a lockout…do nothing but heavy’s…and when he ockout meter goes all the way down…u can either finish ur combo…or try for a counter breaker…most ppl will notice that youve been doing those heavy’s so they’re prone to try to break them…as soon as ur out of a lockout…u can also do this…but instead of a counter breaker…use instinct to reset the combo meter…(I suggest…going with lights after your instinct.because theyll be thinking ur going for heavy’s)…so theyll likely lockout again…then once again…keep at it with heavys and end ur combo right before the lockout meter and youll be good :slight_smile:

Actually, if you want to go for high damage and you get the opportunity to freely start the combo (lets say you’re punishing a DP or whiffed counter breaker) Make sure you start the combo with a heavy normal or special. The game gives a damage bonus to your first hit of a combo so you’ll want to make sure you take advantage of that and use the most damaging thing you have.
Other than that yeah, heavy doubles into light linkers during lock outs is the way to go.

Shadow Linkers tend to add a good bit of potential damage as well, although they can sometimes be a little more easily broken. They also don’t add to the KV meter so you are adding more damage into a regular combo as well.

Shadow Enders are also really good because they tend to cash out humongous amounts of damage, more than the usual non-shadow enders your character may have. In a number of instances, they have the potential to add another 10% damage onto your combo.

So for the heavy damage, you want your heavy openers, heavy auto doubles, shadow linkers, and a good damage ender or shadow damage ender.

Just remember though, the heavy stuff is easier to combo break, so use wisely.

… Or. Just pick Thunder. Hard not to get a high damage combo out of him.

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Thanks guys, will give it a try next time I’m on :slight_smile:

If you have shadow meter, I also highly recommend you use it, as that can add to the damage (but be careful; it can be broken or shadow countered - so be ready to counter-break or pop instinct, respectively to keep the momentum going). If you have a shadow ender with your character, use that as it often does a LOT of damage. If you have any shadow linkers that also do lots of damage use those. However, I find that in my experience that if you have 2 stocks of shadow meter, using 2 different shadow moves during a combo rather than 2 of the same shadow move usually (but not always) yields better results when it comes to damage. :wink:

If you’re truly brave, if you have instinct, you can extend the life of a combo by activating it and then comboing into it, since it resets the combo or KV meter on the side of the screen. Do this with 2 successful shadow attacks, along with the heavy AD into light linkers upon lockout that everyone’s mentioned, and maxing out that meter with manuals, and with a counter-breaker or 2 on a successful read and that gives you 1 bona-fide absolutely dead-and-buried 6 ft. under, soul-crushed opponent. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: