What "additional" content items are you willing to pay for?

KI seems to be lacking a lot of things that we really want, the reasons we aren’t able to have them are generally due to budget and schedules being shortchanged in one way or another. What I want to know is what types of content would you pay for in addition to the normal combo breaker and ultra edition purchases? I mean stuff on the side that is not included with said bundles, things that they could make to supplement income and keep new content coming out. I’m generally not one for microtransactions but in a “free-to-play” game like KI I think that monetizing things a bit would make the game feel a little more fleshed out and let us play how we want to.

We all demand they add stuff but what are you willing to pay for?


  • Ultimate combos
  • Retro stages
  • More costumes
  • Additional accessories
  • Taunt packs (Respect taunts & Alt taunts)
  • Intro/Outro/Pose packs
  • Player card packs (Icons, taunts, backgrounds)
  • Alternate Ultra packs
  • Skin packs (more character colors)
  • Announcer packs
  • Menu themes (Season 1 & 2, Classic KI,)

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I’d chip in on just about any KI dev related fundraiser.

I like KI, I wanna see more KI in my KI so I can KI while I KI.


I would definitely pay for retro stages… Tbh I just want to kick someone off a bridge as Kim wu
Possibly announcers, but that would depend on who they are and what they sound like because let’s be honest, arias was lacking a lot basically because it was like she had a throat infection 24/7. Don’t get me wrong some people like it
I feel like another thing I would pay for is guest characters because I know there is a fair amount of people who think characters like rash don’t belong, but imo they are just for fun… To me any ways. So to get around complaints make it so you can buy them outside of the season so people who like them can get them can but people that don’t can stick to content ki related

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Me personally…ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Killer Instinct is my life…my game…and I don’t care what it takes…Id pay 50$ a month if i had too…that’s how passionate I am about KI and its lore.

Bring it on and Ill chip in…I don’t care. call me crazy… but it costs money to have nice things. And I fell a lot of kids these days take things for granted and think everything should be free and have it right now.

Like the guy that was suggesting he should get Shago early before the 18th…come on man…you didnt pay…you don’t get to play!

I think that the 18th is actually too early for those that didn’t pitch in when it mattered. They should have to wait until Match IMO. When he does arrive on the 18th,…he better cost just as much as the minimum Community fund amount was. $15?? wwhat was it? I paid $40 so I dont remember and I already had Shadow Jago skin so I didnt even need to pitch in…but I did anyway.

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Ultimates, More stages, costumes, and accessories.

Anything else probably wouldn’t get my support unless it really wowed me.

make it a poll its gonna be simple to choose.:grinning: and vote

Done and done.

Good idea.

I just need redone S1 retros dammit.

I don’t think money is the issue from MS’s end but if there is another community fundraiser to improve KI, I’ll chip in because I’d rather have a complete game in 1 year instead of in 3-4 years but I just want Ultimates and no Mercys and retro stages of time for anything else.

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Where’s my option for all of the above?

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You can vote for them all. lol

Oh, well in that case… CLICK.

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Voted from accessories, colours and costumes.
Taunts, ultimates and tell rest should be there as standard or possibly unlock able in game

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looolll man that wasnt difficult to choose for me cause ive checked them all :grinning:. i think they are necessary to this game.

and also u have forget a option for the nosense haters :rage: peoples who could say nope or nothing :joy: believe me thats necessary to do it too. u could be surprised

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I voted for everything (yes, even Ultimates) except for Intro/Outro/Pose packs. It’s such a miniscule portion of game time that I can’t see throwing my money at it. Everything else… sure, why the eff not?

Oh, and thanks for making this a poll :smile:

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Voted for everything except for Intro/Outro/Pose packs, Announcer packs, and Menu themes. Not that I don’t think they’re cool ideas, they are just things that I personally am not as invested in. But yeah, there’s tons of stuff that I would love to see added to the game and that I would be happy to show my support for by chipping in with some cash. More ways to customize/identify with your character(s) of choice is always a good thing imo, and I know a ton of people are still pining for Ultimates as well!


Ultimates. Because damn it it’s one of the features I’ve been really wanting!

Also: Alternate Ultras? hell-nah no need for another rapid-punch and kick attack that already spills out longer than any Ulimate. Already got enough of those thank you very much.

Everything else sounds like it’d be neat.

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I feel bad that all of my votes went into cosmetics ;-;

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