What accessories / outfits would you like to see going forward?

Just curious if people have any ideas for either existing characters from seasons one and two, or perhaps ideas for outfits / accessories that you’d want for Tusk, Gargos, Kim Wu, Eyedol or perhaps a character that you’d like to see in the game like a vampire or an old sage or a sea monster or stuff like that.

Some stuff I’d like to see:

Spy Orchid: Functional but sleek, like a form fitting padded black jacket, black combat boots with a holster, utility belt, google glass-like tech on one eye… I’m not talking about fetishized, but still sleek and high tech looking. Perhaps silver, non-glowing tonfas for her weapon? Something like this.

Vizier Kan Ra: Fully human looking Kan Ra with flowing robes and turban. Something like this:

Kunoichi Kim Wu: I’m not sure what her default outfit will look like, but I’d like to see a version of her that’s a female ninja. Mask, a mix of mostly black with a small amount of ornately designed color, something like this, though obviously with her having red hair:

Anyways, those are just a few examples and my own personal preference. What kind of new outfits/accessories would you like to see for new or existing characters?


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It would be cool if Kim Wu had an accessory set base on Tom Cruise in Risky business dance seen.

Non character specific list:

Clockwork Orange accessory set

Faceless mask accessory

Mojo jojo brain jar accessory

MJ Thriller accessory set

Dismembered hand bra/top accessory (female)

The fig leaf accessory

50’s biker accessory set (proper biker not that leather bar crap)

Destressed doll mask and wedding dress (male)

I wan to at least see Tusk with s giant plasma sword! and with different colors to boot! complete with a futuristic looking armor.

Oh and for one of the head accessories: A BEARD!

Gargos I think would be cool if you change his legs from different themes like: Dragon themed accessories, tiger themed accessories, and more.

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Orchid in a sensual police officer outfit (but with 2 tonfas or police batons befitting her character rather than just 1)

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T-1000 Glacius.


Cyborg TJ Combo
Human Spinal
Transformers Riptor
Real Classic Thunder!
Cinder with magma

Sleek, sports car style Fulgore

Hold on, Kim Wu is NOT Japanese :confused:

I actually want a fulgore that is sports car red. lol

I would like to see Sadira get her mask back as an accessory that she had in her initial reveal.


You peoplE encouraging more and more MASKS

a proper agent outfit for ORCHID
Proper tonfas for Orchid
A hunger games or star wars outfit for Orchid
hairstyles as diverse as combo for other characters
Less masks and better hair
A Barefoot monk outfit for jago or a training sweats (he cant be that muscular without training)
a jeans and tee and chuck taylors outfit for kim wu
mayas true sideswept KI2 hairstyle

Kan ra when he first encountered aanos as human
Spinal in flesh form
Sabrewulf as the baron half turned
Thunder as Policeman with tonfa nightsticks

Spinal in flesh form wouldn’t look right in hit intro,or his knockdown animation where he is all broke up.

I’ve been pushing Orchid cop outfit thing for awhile. I would love to see Orchid in this…

New Orchid Dance Party Outfit

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Sexy cop outfit, huh?

I would still love a full catsuit ala Black Widow for Orchid:


I like the catsuit too… Orchid needs her whole accessory set revamped. So why not have both?

Yeah, I’m not really a fan of any of Orchid’s accessories, in neither her main or retro costumes. :disappointed:
Hopefully she will get new and cooler ones.

Gangnam Style Kim Wu.


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“Heeeeeeeey Mister Lady!
Woop, woop woop woop woop, Oppah Gangnam Style!”

… I have no idea if that’s what he sings, but oh well.