We've all had one of those games

Probably going to get a lot of s**t for putting this up, but I’ve had it for a while and decided to upload it.

I know sadira has a reversal shadow but it doesnt work in corners and I wouldve been DP’d out of it anyways.

A few of these are pretty easy to explain
Thunder’s DP is projectile invincible, it make sense that it’d go through a shadow hail.
To avoid Maya’s mantis just crouch, it whiffs on crouching opponents.
Rash was in beta, bugs and glitches are expected.
TJ didn’t absorb two hits, he absorbed one hit of puddle punch and you absorbed one hit from his powerline which created two armored hitsparks.
Omen can’t be shadow countered out of his slide, that’s just something he does.


The Hisako peacekeeper whiff was also a bug that has supposedly since been fixed as well. :wink:

i knew it was invulnerable to most attacks but it feels like theres only so much i can do against someone spamming DPs :[
true, how would i be able to leave the corner though?
yeah if it did two hits i probably wouldve got one of them, but why not hit him after the first? i find the puddle punch to be a bit too unreliable in general.
meh…personally i dont think thats a fair excuse but thats just me.