Welp IG/MS/DH kept their promise!

A long time ago during S1’s stream someone asked a question for all the characters to come back. One of the devs answered that by season3 all classic characters would return.

WELL Now that we have Eyedol in KI, this is now an offcial land in KI History. The first game that united the entire cast of KI.

Here’s to the developers of all seasons for achieving this goal.

Thanks guys


This makes the goal of getting every single veteran from the
KI series REACHED!

Fox in super smash brothers melee says it right.

MISHION COMPREE for everyone who supported eyedol!

It’s not just the support for eyedol. but also the return of every veteran in the KI universe and they are all in the game now.

Lol makes me think of Riptors in astronauts suits floating in space with fishing bowl helmets on and they’re getting ready to board a ship back to earth.

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Yup, and now if there is a season 4, it’s nothing but new horizons.

…and guests… :wink:

So now we wait for the biggest question to be answered, After Shadowlords mode and the possible bonus character, will we get a season 4?

I still don’t want any more guests. though if we have to get one more than one is enough. I don’t care who it is.

But I do wanna see more new characters that can expand the universe.

Developer achievement unlocked



Thats exactly what we did.

Even though we had a lot of people who kept us form reaching that goal

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Killer Instinct developers LISTEN!

IG has been amazing. They are up front, transparent when they need to be, and still able to build excitement and positivity even when some of the community becomes negative.

I implore fans of Killer Instinct to show support, cause it’s vey rare to get a game developer that works so hard to make their fans happy. You may not agree with some of the things that happen in the game, but I would truly find it sad if anyone can say that the product as a whole is a disappointment to KI’s legacy, or that Iron Galaxy/Double Helix/Microsoft have ruined the franchise and not made it better.

Iron Galaxy, thank you!


I wonder if all those that gave long heart filled speeches about how they’re quitting KI because IG/MS “refused” to put eyedol in are going to come back now.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of them stay gone because the devs “played with their emotions”


KI and the IG/MS team are the best of all time! Ive never felt like I was a part of a game like we all do with this one. Its awesome and I hope what Adam said before the reveal can stay true…“We will keep making KI as long as you want to play it and allow us to!”

@TempusChaoti @TotalJimkata @TheKeits

Well we want you to…so keep up the amazing work!


I got to say hello to @TheKeits and @rukizzel at EVO, and I spoke a bit with Keits on other occasions as well. Very friendly people and they clearly love the game.

If you honestly think that KI 2013 is a disgrace to KI’s legacy, or that IG ruined the base that DH set up, then go ahead and keep that opinion. But one thing that is FACT is that IG loves KI and loves the players, and they want to keep our enjoyment of the game going for as long as possible. They may not be able to please everyone, but they really do try their hardest whether you like things like Shadow Lords or not.

Iron Galaxy, thank you for all you’ve done, and never let the loud minority get you down. We’ll be here to support you :slight_smile: