Wellwishes for MS, IG, and the KI Community

With the year winding to a close, and amidst the general negativity in the world today (which sometimes bleeds through to our Forums!) I just wanted to take a moment to thank the employees of Microsoft, Iron Galaxy and Double Helix for the hundreds of hours of enjoyment I’ve had playing Killer Instinct, not to mention the time I spend thinking about the game when away from my console! If it wasn’t for the hard work you guys and gals have put into making Killer Instinct what it is today, I would not have been able to have those experiences, and it really means something to me.

I’d also like to address the rest of the KI Community.

A good fighting game is nothing without a solid community behind it - fighting the CPU is only interesting for so long. Luckily we have a pretty solid group of people here, and an active community forum (thanks to @rukizzel, @GoogleMyName, @thekeits and @TempusChaoti) with a good mix of newbies, middle-range and competitive players who (for the most part) are able to engage in healthy debates, share tech or other tips, and make Killer Instinct into something more than just two digital characters smashing each others’ teeth in.

Thanks to @Infilament for his glorious KI Guide, and to all the rest of our community members who take the time to teach, train, or instruct your fellow KI enthusiasts.

Whatever you celebrate this holiday season, I hope you’re all able to spend fun quality time with friends and family, enjoy some good food, and rest up, because I have a feeling we’re in for something awesome come March of 2016.

Fight On, friends!


yes, happy holidays to all

Tis the season to pop Instinct!


Thank you for the kind words. Happy Holidays everyone. 2016 is gonna be even bigger and better for KI.


Happy holidays to everyone =)

merry christmas and happy new year to all on the forums as well as to our dev boys at MS/IG!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good FIGHT. :christmas_tree: :fist: :slight_smile:
Happy Holidays all around. Looking forward to another year of KI.

Happy Holidays to all the Devs and any working on KI. Thank you all for this amazing game and the incredible love you have put in it. We might be small but our community is something special. Happy holidays and a happy new year to the KI community as well!

I wish a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to all at IG, MS and the KI community!!!
I hope you all have a fun festive season and a great 2016!

Happy Holidays to everyone! Be safe and have a good time!

KI has definitely made the past few years super exciting and hype! Thanks MS, DH, and IG for bringing it back and making it incredibly fun to play!