Well IG, you turned a promoter into a defector

Just wanted to point out that I firmly believe KI is IMO one of the best fighting games of this generation and would always recomend it. Unfortunatley, getting banned, getting my posts flagged for no reason and the mob/dictatorship way that the forums are being run, have left a sour taste in my mouth. So I will not be promoting KI no longer, or buy anymore of the products. Which kinda sucks for you because where I work we sell KI and I will no longer recomend it.

Sorry guys. Bad move on ur part.


You’ve got to admit that creating additional topics related to the rated M thing instead of confining it to a single appropriate thread might not of been the best idea.


Spamming and creating threads that didn’t belong in certain categories.

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It’s so, so easy to not get banned. Don’t make rant posts. Really that easy. You were banned for the same thing on the previous forums too.

Anyone can flag posts now. Depending on the person’s level, flags turn into down votes and get your posts hidden, so the community is moderating.

You may want to ask yourself why your posts are causing others to flag them…

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I have a hard time believing half of your post. I dont think anyone will flag your post because you just gave your opinion. In the M-Rating thread you and killerswift are the ones that are stronglybin favor of the M-Rating, you even posted pictures of my little pony with the KI characters and you didnt get banned for that, the thread was closed and you just took it, killerswift made another thread ranting about it and thats the onlyvreason he got banned and it was only for 3 days cmon.

You guys insult other posters. That isn’t tolerated.

It’s really that simple.

  1. You have NO right to insult anyone at all, ever, period.

This is stated in the FAQ of forum participation available if you click the three solid lines icon next to your profile icon at the top right of the screen and then click FAQ. Among those rules are:

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But, remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

-Ad hominem attacks.
-Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.

You are guilty of at all three of these at least once on the new forums, and many countless times on the old forums.

Number 2. This has everything to do with that. These forums aren’t a place you can treat as your own personal playground and do as you wish. This is Iron Galaxy’s forum, provided by them to allow a meaningful discussion on how to improve the game, interactivity in the community, and even discuss off-topic items in the appropriate locations.

When you sign up to use these forums, you are agreeing to these rules of etiquette and terms of service. Violations of these etiquette rules and service terms are met with appropriate punishment.

This isn’t somewhere you can post whatever you want and say what you want. The Mods allow a lot within reason, but you and others have to constantly push your boundaries and then when you violate those terms of service, and don’t understand why you’ve been banned, it makes your stories that much more unbelievable.

Your posts earlier were deleted because they threw a conversation line off topic and served only as a venting mechanism to express your disapproval in distasteful ways. Swift was banned because a rant post has no purpose other than to vent anger at something, but rant posts more often than not never have any real purpose or serve to provide any type of real discussion. They are considered tantrums, and the Mods don’t tolerate tantrums. Plain and simple.

If you or other users have problems following IG’s rules, which are perfectly reasonable to adhere to, then your gonna have a bad time. So just read the rules, follow them, live with it.

America may have freedom of speech, but in the land of the forums, you still have to respect the law the Mods lay down. We all do, you are no exception.


Whether you’re insulting a little or a lot, we all have the ability to read and edit what we post before accidentally telling the “truth.”

Devs are more than willing to hear about the mistakes they are making and these forums are part of their work.
Workplaces are to be free of harassment of any kind in the majority of Internet using countries.

If someone feels they have to harass others and/or the devs and not play by the guidelines clearly displayed (we earn a badge just for reading them! FAQ - Killer Instinct Forums ), then there is a clear coaching process.

If someone cannot be coached, it is by their choice.

… The key to getting through a block-string is not to continue attacking!!

I think my eyes just melted. Please, please learn to write properly. It doesn’t have to be perfect…but some spacing would greatly help.

Is this thread for real? One person and or game store employee IS NOT going to make a difference with such an amazing game such as KI. Its actually hilarious that one person thinks they can stop this War Machine/ Blitzkrieg that Killer Instinct has become. Step aside son… KI will roll right over you and your rants. And anyone else that thinks they can boycott KI… your attempt is so feeble and minuscule… Gargos is laughing right now as he makes his way to Season 3. :imp:

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Just worship ki and ig in every post you make and you will be fine… These new forums are definatly way too strict. Letting the community mod… whos idea was that?

Well there’s always Mortal Kombat, they have such a fantastic fighting game community! And let’s not forget about the Capcom forums, the devs there respond to every single post with “We have no plans to announce at this time.” How awesome are they?!?! :joy:

There isn’t anything wrong with this new forum. The fact that someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make it a bad forum.
I for one agreed with the M rating. But I’m not going to argue over something I cant control. You post your idea…and leave it at that. Things don’t change over night due to one post.


@M00NLightNinja, you do have the right to defend yourself. There are a number of tools you can use including flagging inappropriate posts and contacting the moderators. The forums aren’t meant to be a hostile place for anyone. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion just as well as the next, but there are times when one must respectively agree to disagree. @IronFlame and I had a debate just yesterday regarding KI’s free to play structure. We simply don’t see eye to eye when it comes to what is integral to the game vs what I consider to be additional content. My point is this, we weren’t reduced to a flame war with each other over something which in all honesty, we have no say so over in the first place. This brings me back to the redundant M rating topic. An opinion was voiced, and the devs responded as to why this does not align with their goals and aspirations for KI. They already said no, so why are we beating this into the ground again and again?


Well I believe that due to how unruly some of out fellow community member became of the old forums. Threads would routinely get out of hand and there really wasn’t any kind of filter before. It all comes down to rant posts really. When someone is in their feelings about something, they’re going to be testy, and the first person that doesn’t agree with them is going to unleash H3LL. No one wants to be badgered for sharing their opinion and I believe that what’s IG is attempting to alleviate. However I have to admit, the word filter on this thing is more restrictive than Disney’s website, lol! I can’t even say D U M M Y, lol!