Well...I think I killed my PC

Well…maybe…I have an alienware x51 R2 and I was trying to upgrade the processor from an i3-4130 to an i5-6400, and after I had taken out the i3 I found out that the i5 wouldn’t fit in the socket, so I put the i3 back in just like it was, closed it all up. Plugged it back in, and now as soon as the power supply is plugged in it starts up, fan spins, lights come on, & then it shuts right back off & tries to start up again. I got ahold of Alienware support but haven’t heard back from them yet. I’m hoping there’s nothing major wrong with it. I’m getting a new computer soon, but I was going to use this one to build an arcade cabinet, & I was wanting it to be powerful enough to play KI & SFV well.

oh no!

that being said, itd be awesome to have ki in an actual arcade cabinet!

id need a stool tho

I’ve had the same problem a couple of times, fan starts to spin and the lights come on and that’s it. Gave my PC over for servicing, they cleaned up the dust and then applied some thermal paste. Works fine now, so I’d suggest that.

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Yeah, and if all goes according to plan it’ll even be a KI (3) themed cabinet…I’m really excited to get it up & running.

@DoobyDude23 I really hope that’s all it would take.

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try the thermal paste thing, but do it yourself. you can clean the comp and apply that sh!!t on your own without havin to pay shipping and other BS charges for somethin that’ll take 5 minutes lol. i suggest you also research the problem, its probably something minor and that you can do without having to spend money beyond the thermal stuff

Eh…well, i went ahead & took it to a PC repair place…and…
Somehow when I was putting the old processor back in I managed to bend over a few pins on the processor socket, so yeah, I kinda screwed the pooch on this endevor. Im going to have to replace the mother board. Yay.
They said before they order one they were going to try to bend the pins back in place & see if they can get it back working, but it probably wont work.

is it boot looping and if it is boot looping you might need to take the ram out in put it back in in if that does not work try takeing the gpu out then try it in if that does not work then you might need to take evey thing out but not the proceey

might be one of the pins got damaged our something

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