Weird issue with Tusk and Skull splitter cancel

I am experiencing this since few days.

I often use setup which goes like this: throw -> unblockable spine splitter -> light skull splitter during stagger -> auto double

Recently I noticed tusk does not do Auto Double, but Immortal Spirit linker for some reason. I am not inputting qcf+kick, I dont understand why this is happening. I am used to do kick auto double after light skull splitter and this sudden change messes with my brain, I totally mash rest of combo because it confuses me.

What is weird, punch auto doubles work fine, no Skull Splitter linker after light skull splitter.

Anyone experienced this? Maybe eyedol patch did this?

Have you checked your inputs? You could be getting accidental qcf’s with however you’re inputting your auto-double (what you’re doing with the joystick after qcb.P input, not the button press). Could it be a controller issue?

Perhaps a video with inputs displayed would help?

Maybe your controls got reset and combo assist got turned on somehow?

I hate that so much, when the game decides to randomly reset my inputs without me knowing until it’s too late.