Weapon type?

From the ornate golden dragon head on one “stick” and the stout blade on the other, bound together by chain, it appears as though Kim Wu could be a nunchuker.

My hopes would be that she wields a kusarigama that auto-tightens to double as nunchaku. Being another “stance” character, she could move between fast and light defensive nunchucks and slow but far reaching zone-offensive kusarigama attacks.

… Where Rash can zip anywhere with his tongue, Kim Wu would have a more hard anti-air knock down/grapple effect with hers. Perhaps a Scorpion-like pull-in move, from the air or ground. A little bit of combat mobility but nothing on the level of Sadira or Rash as far as air mobility options go.

Similar thoughts? Polarised thoughts?.. Hyped for Season3? :slight_smile:


One of my first thoughts when I saw her nunchucks I immediately came to think about those weapons in Ninja Gaiden 2.

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If only NG2 had as refined an enemy system as the first. The weapon moves were beautifully done in NG2 but sadly, the majority of flash was fluff.

Between NJ2 and the girl from Kill Bill Vo. 1, I imagine the extended range moves be elaborate dances with both strong defensive and offensive abilities BUT very open attack vectors and punishable on most blocks.

Hoping, depending on which end of the weapon strikes, there are different properties as well. Such as the blade always doing chip damage and the dragon head having an anti-projectile option via fire-spewing with some resource use.

My hopes for her nunchucks is that it can transform into a poll staff for some poking and zoning game.

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I can see that her punching normals will be similar to Cinder, rapid combostrings.

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The “chucks” they showed in the trailer was just plain beautiful.

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Yes I love the weapon showed in the tease, but what if there are two?
If only one, the different ends must mean different properties of attack

I bet that dragon head hurts like hell and must be a fierce punch attack
It’s so exciting to think and hope Adam has plans for different stances or modes with Kim’s weapon as Maya has with Temperance and Vengeance

I’m most concerned about accessories and what will be available and if this weapon can be thrown, retracts and extends, spins or is charged with some spirit power or if she uses them in her taunt-

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Hmm just ome pair is fine for me. No need to go overboard .

Maybe for instinct mode, she could detach the chain and use the two sticks like twin sticks?
Or stretch the chain and pop a blade out of one to make a kusarigama?

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I think that would be a little too similar to Orchid. I wouldn’t be surprised if her Instinct let her combine chuks into a Bo Staff, or perhaps morph it into the Triple Irons, giving her extended range and a few new command normals.


From nunchaku into tonfas?

I like the idea of a staff, after all orchid only combines two sticks on the fierce punch shadow move…

Kim’s staff could actually be a mode with many different properties, much like Aria and her stances, specifically the sword stance

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I now want to stay this about Kim Wu’s newly redesigned AND updated nunchaku: DRAGON/DRAGON-STYLE NUNCHAKU FTW! :sunglasses:

FIRE-breathing dragon nunchaku!!!

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That would be cool. Or maybe a pair of blades. Something to boost her damage a little. Saberwulf is the only one who gets a damage boost in Instinct right now. Maybe Kim could get that along with different secondary Instinct bonuses.

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