We want a greater KI . Some ideas here

Hi . I dont come here so often as i use to in the old forums . But i read as much as i can and i can see that must of us really care/like/love/enjoy this game . KI . We have here a lot of good ideasto fix things , to change things to improve and make a better Game.

We , the users and them , the develpoers , will not go wrong with season 3 . Im Positive on this. There is a lot that can be , and will be , done with all the ideas out there.

So after read a lot of the yolo debate , the breakres/guessing complain for some users. And some others topics that in most cases want to make a better KI. I have some other ideas that i want to share.

Shadow countersThis Should be granted if done properly . I mean, if you confirm it this should star/active at 0 frames with 3 frames on full invicibility , that way whern you execute one it wont be stoped by a ligth punch or kick or any other hit . This cost a blue bar , it should be granted, if i miss the window of the active frames of the hit/atack i want to repel is ok, or if i make it and enemy dont atack me is okey to be punished because it did not confirm but if it is executed proprely it should be gramted.

Lock Outs . Yellow lockouts and red lockouts have no diference on time or consecuences this should change … I think that yellow lock out should be only 3 and red lock out should be 5 seconds ,and for wrong imput your oponent recive 15% of a blue bar ( Fulgore 2 pips) that way the red lock out will be almost for sure really punished . Or for a red lock out apart from the 5 seconds the combo bar goes 20% down from were it is at the moment of the red lock out. Or for a red lockout apart from the 5 seconds you lose 10% of your instinct. Red Lockouts , are must of the time wrong guesses , so it should be punished harder. Also this could be like a reward to make them guess wrong.

Combo breakers : I think they should not change the execution because it has a lot to do with the interaction and meta game in KI. Maybe a super breaker that uses one blue meter that can break yellow lock outs, unbreakable combos and redlockouts. The super breaker causes potential damage(8%) on the player that was doing the combo , this will reset both players positions like the regular breaker , this super breaker can be countered with a regular counter breaker and the oponent, loses his meter.

Counter breakers : There sould be a way to make some times counter breakers a little save. I read an idea of a user that i cant remeber his name now i try to find the post but im short of time , I think his idea was like reset the position of the characters to neutral if the counter breakers is not confirmed. I think is a good idea , but to make this , you need 50% of a blue meter. If you miss the counter breaker then hit again MPand MK and you will go back in some animation that should be created, maybe a fast and long back dash in slow motion could work , this should put bot players at the same distance that they are when a round start or maybe more The potential damge that was in the enemy at the moment of the counter breaker cancel will refill at regular rate. . To make it safe use the meter if you dont have it it wont be safe like now, this will give the atacker a little advantage with the resources to do it , but the cancel should be fast because the window to cancel the counter breaker should not be too big .

Recapture, can all the characters have this ? because i think they should , rigth now it is a tool that only some characters can do and others not, i think that or every character has a way to do this or no one should because is like if breakers were exclusive to some charatcers , the other cant do it but they do .i think this must be revised. Maybe all the recapture should require blue meter , i dontt know , there must be a way to make this rigth, IMO Rigth now it is not.

Breaker Cancel into instinct shold go.

Also i think all charatcers should have a change side ender , this is a very good tool for many situations .

And the battery ender level 4 for all characters should give them 90% of a blue meter bar . Rigth now some characters on level 3 or 2 get more meter than others on level 4.

Thanks for your time . We will make season 3 the best one to date .

I hope you understand what i want to say , english is not my first language.

its getting really hard to do recaptures. Please raise the recapture time.

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I agree all characters should have the 4-5 Ender types
Battery ender
Wall splat ender
Side switch ender
Launcher ender
Damage ender

This should be a must across the roster… now the damage ender could be shadow or regular…as long as its one or the other.

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Shadow counters are meant to be stuffed if you do one at the wrong time. If they had the invincibility you suggested then there’d be no reason to not throw one out after every blocked normal.

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No, that would be broken; this is why:

So, in that regard, I agree with the Sith (oh dear…).

5 seconds is too long; with complete freedom for 5 seconds, I can take an entire healthbar, especially if the combo has already been going for some time prior to the lockout. This would make the fights WAY too short.

First, I don’t like the idea of “super breakers” at all - it would just make the game far more complicated than it needs to be (not to mention, it just seems unbalanced in general). Also, you’re putting an awful lot of emphasis onto the shadow meter… IMO, probably too much.

While I have no personal issues with this particular idea (because I think it would certainly be useful), I think we’re just better off keeping it to whoever it seems to fit best. I do believe there are certain characters that don’t need or that would be broken if it was given to them.

I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment and I’m pretty sure most of the community here will do the same (not everyone, but most).

Again, like with the recaptures, I think this should largely be character specific. For example, some characters do better by putting you into a corner and keeping you there. Furthermore, every character already has this if you really think about it - all you have to do is hit your opponent with a reverse throw. :wink:

I’m certain this is done specifically for balance reasons. Some characters are far more affective at using their shadow meter than others, so it makes sense to slow theirs down a little bit more when compared to the rest of the cast (e.g., Fulgore and his amount of utility).

I kinda like this idea a lot!

What if there was a superbreaker that costs a full bar of instinct? It can break through unbreakables and even if you’re in a red or yellow lockout state.

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I’m sorry, but after reading most of the original post, I just can’t agree with much of it, if any bit of it. There are too many of the basic game mechanics being broken down to reward a playstyle that carries less risk, and asks for far too much reward in the process. Safe counter breakers? 5 second lockouts for a small mistake like a bad strength guess? A super breaker that out prioritizes everything, even counters?

I think the point of the KI yolo thread was missed somewhere, as none of these suggestions actually work to absolve the problems brought up by the said thread. The point of the KI is Yolo argument is that the footsies to combo flow and risk on normals and specials isn’t the same in this game as it is in other games, and some feel like the game is actually too easy to compete at any way. Making the mechanics even easier and less risky would only aggravate the problem. And really, as far as combo breakers, counter breakers, shadow counters, lock outs, those aren’t what people are complaining about. To untrained eyes, and those who just want to watch and judge KI without playing it, they are saying the footsie game is too easy, just throw out specials, and don’t even think about it, which is not the case. The offense in the game still requires much thought and good reads, as well as a fair level of execution.


No. Imagine Thunder’s shadow call of the earth into a full combo with a recapture. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

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Why do you think that every character should have all of them? Just curious. I personally kinda like that each character has their own slew of enders and that they fit in to the character’s style and/or balance within the construct of the game.

Now personally… I wouldn’t mind it if characters got an additional ender. Like if you do all of the character’s enders, you unlock an additional ender that looks cool and helps the character in a specific way. I’d be 100% down with that.

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At least Battery ender. I find that when playing a new character and looking to charge my shadow meter on the fly with and ender…only to find out, they dont have a battery ender.
Why not?

why not have it somewhat consistent across the board? dont tell me that owuld make everyone too much alike because it wouldnt

its going to be a hard challenge to make KI reach the quality of an AAA game. Just give each character 2 finishing moves besides their ultra. And some cinematic intros with the character backstory. This would make KI season 3 a whole new game with great quality.

Who’s to say the game isn’t already top-grade? It’s a very, very good game. Also, giving the game more “finishing moves” and new intros with backstory isn’t what gives a game quality. It’ll add to it certainly, but that’s not necessarily how (or just how) you get a good-quality game.

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Maybe it are

  • a lot of stiff or misplaced animations (Air Counter Breaker or Juggle Counter Breaker)

I give you a example Glacius - f+mp into counter breaker. Glacius Flys Stiff across the Screen with a goofy animation that simply looks bad. On a Triple A the animation would have been reworked and maybe glacius feet would freeze when going for a counter breaker with enough time for a punish even when counter break on a juggle with f+mp. Same goes for every other juggle counterbreak.

  • a lot of changes that were introduced with S2 came with poorly implemented animations.

Glacius Hail - a spiked iceball that jumps like a basketball? Why the spikes dont break of or why the didnt removed the spikes. Orchid Grenade especially the explosion is far from Triple A.

  • the lag in the UI when navigating fast through the menus.
  • when loading the vs Screen the delay the UI overlay pops in
  • The misplaced lifebars in the King of the Hill lobby when joining while someone fight
  • translation errors like in Training Mode for Instinct “unlimited” option - in Germany it says “Keins” wich means “none” in english.
  • The ultra low res texture in Hisakos win pose. Why does it have to zoom in so deep? Why cant the zoom stop where the Texture still looks good (like Riptor as example wich looks extremely good texturewise)
  • Omen with recycled Animations that doesnt even flow into each other without looking clunky.

There are a lot more (really a lot more - like retro costumes, TJ Animations in generall, Stage Ultras and and and) rough edges where you can clearly tell it isnt a Triple A production. The difference in quality between the characters and the decisions to present them around the core game are too big.

The overall Game is good but the Presentation is far from Triple A. The Quality Gap even within a Season is too big.

It is a low budget Arcade Game - as of the Current Patch 2.10. That does not mean it is a bad game.

If you take a look at MKX everything looks Triple A. You can clearly tell they focused on how it looks (i dont like the Game btw).

This has nothing to do with the game being fun or not. Just purely from watchnig the Game.

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I have too disagree on 1 point, mkx 's animations are far from perfect.
The online is pretty sub par too
I agree with the hisako point there’s just no need to get that close where you can see how bad it is.
I just hope with a years break between seasons they’re gonna add Polish and tighten things up to a better standard

Yes MKX animations have always been stiff imo. But at least they all have the same amount off stiffness. I dont like dial a combo neither (whats maybe the biggest problem with the way they implemented animations).

What i meant isnt MKX is way more polishedin terms of purely visual appearance. When the Chains get dialed it looks pretty good. The Stages look good. And clearly they focused on Fatality and Brutalitys cause they looks way to detailed imo.

The menu, the way the char select is presented (with hidden load times of the Modell), the different intros before each fight.

You can clearly tell it had more budget than KI probably will ever get.

But if someone says it looks unfinished or low budget than i can see why and will not argue cause at the core they are right.

But since KI is not MK (especially Fanbase wise) im fine with that. If they can fix some of the visual and rough stuff in S3 im fine.

The UI (lag and popins) can def. be fixed, Hisako could easily be fixed. The load times maybe.

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Yeah I agree with most of this. The ui needs a massive overhaul from top to bottom. Character select, Hud, the lot.
I think mkx and most of the franchises starting point is the fatalities and work back from there.
I think ms were a tad overconfident when the x1 came out thinking they could invest buttons and reap gold in return. Sony seem to actually have a proper budget for sf. I in no way favour Sony but they seem to be doing it right. Ms for some reason won’t invest heavily in 1st party titles ( bar halo, forza and gears). The x1 doesn’t have a lot of 1st party titles in the 1st place.

I would like to see players get locked out if they whiff a DP or their DP gets blocked. You should always get punished properly if your DP doesn’t connect.

The devs won’t need to do this because it’s already easy enough to punish. Once they whiff or get blocked, simply ATTACK. Anything will do, you just gotta do it. :wink: