We need a music player mode

How about it? A music player mode to soley to just sit back, relax and listen to KI’s wonderful soundtrack. They can even make it fancy and put it in ARIA’s office.She likes music afterall. Just have her sitting in her chair pull up a hologram screen and there you can select your track of choice. And just have ARIA sit back and relax. Maybe even have some things happen in the background.

Would download.


That actually is a great suggestion!

Yeah, that would be awesome.

Would be interesting, but you can buy the soundtracks now and pretend.

Only S1 and S2 soundtracks are available at the moment. I assume S3 soundtrack will release once the full season is completed.

Well it’s not different from the old games where you can buy the OST and they still have a music player in game.

Yeah it would be great to get a collection of sorts where we can listen to all the music tracks. Would be nice to also let us inspect the character models, have them perform moves (with free camera and time control), look at the stages and their stages of destruction, ect…

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Perfect for ARIA’s office.