WE MADE IT BOIS! (Goodbyes to S2)


That’s so cringey. I hate her dialogue so much. If they do make more foreign characters I hope the at least keep their native language instead of making them Americans and completely throwing their heritage out the window.

you’re talking about two completely different things. If she is American, she isn’t a foreign character - just one with a particular heritage. Hisako and Sadira are both “foreign” given that they’re not from America at all, but Kim is an American woman with Korean (right, Korean?) blood and ancestry. Very very different.

I personally love her Dialogue. Very Sassy. I don’t have to trash talk, Kim does it for me. XD


Is she though? Her stage doesn’t look like she is in America. Of course she could be in a “Chinatown” “Koreatown” but that just seems like a waste of not adding a foreign country if they want to add foreign like atmosphere.

Of course even then it would be weird if she is learning to be the Dragon guardian in America which is why she speaks English. That’s just as awful as making the last samurai Tom Cruise. That’s some Hollywood junk that Chris Rock spoke about last night.

This could explain a lot about her. :slightly_smiling:

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Maybe we will get multiple storyline endings like KI2?

LOTS of new accessories???

I wouldn’t say that exactly. She isn’t a white American girl who goes to Korea and becomes the dragon warrior…

This is the opposite. It’s not like “American” is an ethnicity. It’s one direction they could take the character. You don’t have to like it but it’s not “whitewashing.”

That’s really lame. Her stage, her apparel, her martial arts is all foreign and then they cop out and make her American. I could have accepted if she learned English as a second language in her home country. It seems as though they are making her American and indeed in Chinatown/Koreatown or maybe schooled abroad. If she was schooled abroad I’d still think she would have master of that countries language.

Kim has a full set of Korean dialogue you’ll hear her mix in with her English lines. The mixing wasn’t near final in the preview, so her Korean dialogue was almost never heard.


@TempusChaoti dropping knowledge bombs as usual.

(Would that these forums had a BibleThump emote. One would most certainly have been used here…)

Side note: really hope the “friggen dragon” intro stays - I thought it was a lot of fun :smile:


So is it similar to say…

Kan-Ra and Jago? They speak English, but certain moves and abilities are spoken in a different language? Or more of just a mix, like you stated? :confused:

Thanks for another scoop @TempusChaoti! Wondering how old was the preview we saw at KI Cup…:astonished:

Will this be in intro and outro or just when she’s fighting?

Tbh,I hope you can choose the language.

Found this old gem at the local IX Center in Cleveland Ohio at the Auto Show. Why are you stalking me KI?

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The Dream is Dead. They probably just played Arbiter.

I think maybe Phil’s definition of “huge announcements” is probably along the lines of new games. Whereas all we need is details on S3. Which I’m sure we will get.

Rukkari already said he has huge amounts of work to do before 6AM PST tomorrow morning; the time when the blackout ends.

Their “announcement with fans” is going to happen tomorrow morning.

Ok I need some clarification. Tomorrow, 4PM CST (which is exactly when I enter class, where I live :cry:) will be the Arbiter Gameplay. Ok. So how exactly are we getting the info about S3?

a) in the stream;
b) at another event I’m not aware;
c) by an article here on the forums;
d) all we are getting is the gameplay and the understanding that we were getting S3 info was all a massive dream from us all;

Can someone help me with this one.