We had a playable build at kiwc why not give us patch now

Waiting an entire month seems rather dumb
Game with new changes was playable and bug free shouks just go ahead and give us a month with kim like you did rash ans give us the patch now

A lot more than just the balance changes are in store, they’re not ready to give us half of a massive update early. They have the UI changes, the new characters, new stages and a whole lot more. As “dumb” as it sounds all of that stuff is part of one big update that relies on other stuff in said update to function.

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Should answer the question well enough, like @xCrimsonLegendx did.


Is the tournament still going on? I thought it was only lasting this weekend? Is there gonna be more info on season 3 released soon?

The tournament ended yesterday, but you can catch the balance changes and all on YouTube

Its done they got to be 80 percent done with season 3 entirely

On what basis?

We know next-to-nothing about what Season 3 contains, besides the obvious rebalance and new characters. IG has been pretty quiet on if Season 3 has anything new–which it probably does–besides the aforementioned stuff.

Playable, yes. Bug free? Boy do I doubt it. If it was bug free (spoiler, nothing is ever truly bug free) and ready for the general public to have access to it, we’d have a beta. The current state of S3, as they stated in the stream, is a work-in-progress and subject to changes.

There is no such thing as “bug free”.

Yep. We won’t release it until it’s ready. And it’s not ready. But we did our best to make a cool KI Cup Demo :slightly_smiling:


This. On top of that, it doesn’t seem like the balance isn’t even completely finished yet. @TheKeits did mention on steam that Omen will probably get a couple more nerfs before launch because he feels like he was to good in the build they had. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Fulgore ends up getting a couple more nerfs as well.

So basically: They had a playable build, but it’s not finished. They have a LOT more work to do before launch.

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Not just Omen. He said all the changes are not final, there will be some more (probably) before release.

I tried looking at the match ups on youtube but nothing comes up

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Look on Maximilian channel

That build was so “demo” that it would be senseless to release it. Season 2 is well established and completed.

There is zero reason why they couldn’t push the balance changes out to existing cast right now or soon. It would be smart to do so that anything super ridiculous could be caught and addressed before S3 launch.

Simple reason is that they are not ready yet. Keits said on stream that they are ALMOST final with the changes, and it should go without saying that the code needs to go “gold” (what ever the equivalent for a digital release). It isn’t just as simple as flipping a switch, many others need to sign off on the move.