Ways to revitalize the Shadows feature

When I log into the Shadow Lab and see that my shadow has won some fights, it’s cool and all but it’s also rather underwhelming. It’s like being told who won the 8Bit Beatdown without watching the fight.

I suggested this on the old forum as well, but I propose allowing us to view fights that our shadows win… Maybe even the ones they lose so we can see what our shadow is struggling with. I would FREAKING LOVE to watch an AI emulating my fight style defeat a real player!!! Knowing my shadow won just isn’t satisfying enough.

I suggest a mode which allows us to pit our shadow against another player’s shadow and observe the fight live (so it’s archived in Replays). Almost like CPU vs. CPU, except the CPUs are emulating me and somebody else.

In addition to me vs. shadows, which is all we can currently do;
Let me watch replays of people vs. my shadow so I can see how well my pet is performing.
Let me send my shadow against other shadows and observe the fight. (Maybe allow the other player to see the Replay.)


I couldn’t agree more! YES PLEASE!!!

I think this is a great idea - in particular for the fights the shadows lose, so you can see how they are beaten and get the opportunity to train them appropriately.

The recordings actually already exist - the information is stored for the guy who fought your shadow. It’s just a questions of getting that data to you so you can also see it. My understanding of the way the replays work is that they just record the inputs etc. so the files should be relatively small. Can any of the developers give us an idea of the size of a replay file in KI?

Yea I was thinking about something like this the other day too. I think it would be cool, and maybe helpful in training your shadow since you can’t actually see fights your shadow loses or wins.