Water Character - Merman/Mermaid

If there would be a water character in season 3, a merman or mermaid would be involved in the fight against Gargos.

Even Atlantis would be involved.

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A Merman would be great.

My vote is still for shark-man

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My vote is for a merman AND a shark-man, an hammer-fish-man to be precise :wink:


I’d rather a merman summoning sharks or sharks as a stage ultra.

We need a water character like a merman in KI, now that we got a vampire selected!

Would definitely love a merman. If we get Eyedol, I think this should be our #9. Aside from Aganos, most of our new characters have been a little too humanoid. We need a new beast, I think.

Would you all feel better with a merman or a mermaid?