Wat counts as a projectile

I’m a Kim wu player and was wondering if any other Kim wu player notice this take cinder pyrobombs onCenter thrown they are considered projectiles show up should be able to firecracker them back but u can’t not even his flamethrower. Also gargos when he throws his minions once in the air they are projectile an subject to the firecracker but no not the case. Can someone help me understand this because I have a lot of fun playing Kim wu and I just want to see her get stonger

You can reflect pyrobombs and inferno. Here’s proof:

Also, Kim Wu did get stronger. Did you read the 3.1 patch notes?

Wat I should have said is it inconsistent u saw the pryobomb pass though it

There’s nothing inconsistent about missing the timing lol

I’ve times where it just passed through my firecracker the with gargoyle minions when thrown

Aganos also cannot flick a pyrobomb, it just sticks to him all the same…

Kim has a small window in firecracker that opponents can get a reversal or reset.

There’s also a huge gap in a few other moves but she’s definitely stronger and much more formidable

Yea I’ve noticed that with characters like shadow Jago that slide can go under it

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