Was there a change to inputs?

I am having a really hard time playing this game right now. Since the 2.10 update, I am dropping combos like crazy and my quarter-circle special moves only seem to come out 50% of the time. It’s as if the timing for everything has been adjusted. I use Aganos 99% of the time and I am losing game after game because I cannot perform my special moves/ shadow moves exactly when I want. When I want to do a natural disaster, I do a standing HK. I’ve gone into practice and just doing a special move raw gives me trouble, let alone in a combo.

Another example is when an opponent jumps in, I like to use crouching HP > Ruin. Now, the ruin special move comes out around 35-40% of the time after performing the crouching HP. I used to be able to do this 100% of the time.

I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve played a LOT of KI since the game came out and I’ve never had this kind of trouble playing and performing combos. It has severely impacted my enjoyment of the game as it’s just an exercise in frustration. Here are the potential causes of my woes:

  1. Update 2.10 changed the way the game processes inputs or adjusted timing, which could be throwing me off.

  2. My D-pad is getting so worn out that basic special moves are difficult to perform, and it just so happened to start doing this after the 2.10 update.

  3. It’s all in my head and I’m psyching myself out (although I firmly believe this isn’t the case).

Does anyone else have the same kind of troubles I’m having? I honestly cannot play this game until the issue is resolved.

Go into training mode and look at your inputs. If you are inputting exactly down, diagonal, forward + k/forward, k then it is probably something to do with your console or the game (as it shows that it’s picking up all inputs from the controller precisely). If your inputs are frantic or messy then it could be your controller or a case of sloppy inputs. Try testing out every individual input on your controller to see if it comes up as an input in training mode 100% of the time. If it doesn’t it is probably the controller. If all inputs show correctly 100% of the time then it might be you. Turn on inputs and look at a recording of one of your matches. Look closely at your inputs. Is there anything at could be fixed or improved? Does the input list go crazy when you do ruin? It shouldn’t.

I did what you suggested and I think I found the issue.

The game is not registering my down-forward or down-back diagonals often. I have to press it down extra hard to get it to register and this used to not be the case :frowning:

So now my options are to either buy a new controller or get a hand cramp from playing for over 10 minutes.

Edit: If anyone wants to donate an Xbox One Elite controller to me, I’ll get your name tattooed on me.

I’ve been wondering about this too; I’ve been dropping combos with Aganos like crazy that I had no problems doing pre-update. Furthermore, the d+HP anti-air doesn’t appear to reach as far as it used to (at least it seems that way since I keep wiffing with it when I used to hit people with it all of the time)…

Just curious, are you on the new Xbox Dashboard update? I am and I’m not sure if it’s somehow creating this problem or not. I came back to KI and noticed the issue after updating both KI and the Dashboard.


I was in the NXOE Preview dashboard but reverted back to the current dashboard because the preview was too buggy and slow. Oddly, it also resolved the issue I was having with the inputs! I went into practice mode and the moves came out just as easily as they always have. My controller works perfectly fine.

It’s almost as if the new dashboard changes the way the Xbox reads diagonal inputs, maybe as a way of preparing for the Elite controller but it makes things MUCH harder for us pad players.

Hopefully somebody at Microsoft or Iron Galaxy see this and can confirm this issue on their end. I’d hate to see the game suddenly get much harder to play for the majority of players out there who use the regular pad once the update is officially out.

…or maybe it was just a placebo effect?

I don’t think this is the case. I tested extensively with both dashboards and quarter-circle moves were considerably easier to accomplish using the current dashboard. With the inputs showing on the screen, you could clearly tell it wasn’t registering diagonals as often with the new preview dashboard. Moves wouldn’t come out unless I pressed on the D-pad extra hard. It’s as if the “dead zone” for the D-pad has been made smaller with the new XB1 update.