Warrior of honor

Sup people now your probably wondering what is warrior of honor?Well its a series I will be starting on my channel my channel is called DarkBlade 25 their are no videos yet I still have stuff to do such as focusing on school and writing a script for it the series plot will be focused on Darkcai my character that tries to find his lost honor the series will focus on Dark souls and Killer instinct and you might be wondering your character is not in KI how can you do this?Well I will be using a couple of characters such as Jago, shadow Jago, Riptor, Sabrewulf and maybe Kim wu since my character will be a dragon however its not done I need to get Jago to level 50 focus on school and write a script but when its done it will be awesome and One more thing for artists out there draw a knight throwing lighting spears and post it here.That’s it people:)