Want KI at Evo2016?, tweet your support!

Do it!!! :slight_smile:


For those that don’t know, here’s a little reminder of how it went down in 2015 - https://youtu.be/UaH0gb6Y0eU

Oh and uhhh let’s keep this thread positive. Let’s simply show our support and spread word about this simple tweet in and out of our community. If there are things you don’t like about the game, that’s cool and all, but let’s make sure we can see it at evo again, and be able to complain again next year lol! :smile: … Just saying!

Everyone on this board needs to tweet.

I’m serious.

This is what KI is going up against:

Street Fighter V
Super Smash Bros. Wii U
Guilty Gear Xrd
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Tekken 7
Mortal Kombat X
Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend
King of Fighters XIV
Persona 4 Ultimax
Pokken Tournament

Out of those games, Smash Wii U, GG Xrd, Marvel, SFIV, Melee, MKX have all been getting higher turnout at tournaments than KI.

On top of that, highly games anticipated games like SFV, Tekken 7, KOF XIV (iffy), and Pokken will also be releasing before EVO, and the roster announcement will definitely be taking that into account.

So KI’s spot on the roster is far from guaranteed.

So make sure you let them know that you want to see KI at EVO 2k16.


@Infilament, @GalacticGeek, @CrazyLCD, @swordman09, @UAPaulB, @UA_Charlieboy, @BigBadAndy, @CStyles45, @Frodo54, @JEFFRON27

Hi KI community. I’m calling out just a few of the frequent posters, fellow Aganos players, folks that competed at this past EVO, and folks that have a high followers via streaming or just being great at the game …

While I do apologize if you don’t want to be called out like this and to the forum folks, I’m not sure if this is the right/best way to call attention to this post, but KI has been God’s greatest gift as far as gaming, and I gotta at least try something. I’m not sure if EVO is worth it for you all. But, if it’s the “biggest FG tournament” that can get KI more fans and players, I would hope that we all set aside any differences and show the EVO guys we want more KI by taking a few seconds or minutes to MAKE THE TWEET. While, I didn’t actually attend, I had a streaming party for me, myself, and I, and it was an absolute blast to watch!!! :smile:

I myself don’t have a following of any sort, I barely use twitter and/or other social media outside of facebook, but if you (anyone on this forum) happen to have a following, But the couple of 1000 facebook folk I do know, will know to tweet! Unfortunately those are not FG folk so they’re likely to not tweet.

TLDR - let’s go folks - do this tweet!!! PLEASE! … and tell ya folks to do the same!


Sent out my tweet earlier in the day. I think KI has a pretty good chance to make it back as people were saying it was the most hype finals of EVO2015. Whether is makes finals day on Sunday is different story entirely.


Nice, that’s great to know! Thanks for responding LCD and tweeting! I agree with you on it’s chances of making it back.

With so many KI lovers (and haters who spend time hating on the game :smiley: ) right here in the forum, I’m hoping all of them will also tweet! Spread word folks!

Lovers and haters are equally welcome to tweet! :smiley: haha

If we gotta grass roots KI, so be it!

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I got you covered! :wink:


Tweeted out as well.

Continue to play the game, tell your friends about it, and be a positive member of the community and good things will be sure to follow!


Tweeted earlier. If KI makes it to EVO again, I’m booking everything as soon I find out. I will not miss it this year.


7 games seems really hard. The Smashes and possibly even the SF games seem likely to clog up a lot of that list where they could’ve relegated one of each to the Saturday, and then people are going to want to see MKX, Mahvel, Tekken 7, a bunch of anime games…

And then I can’t help but feel that, in a way, the world’s premier fighting game tournament snubbing the headline games of so many active developers is just bad for the genre. I mean, for the sake of the American industry I think KI, MKX and even Skullgirls should be there – especially when you have big organisations like Microsoft and WB focusing very directly on the competitive community with balancing and prize money and outreach and whatnot. I also think that Tekken 7, at least one of the Arcsys games, and even DOA5 should be there, just to say “hey, we’re grateful that you’re still in the genre and supporting your game” – which is something that can’t be taken for granted these days, because we’re talking about goddamn fighting games. This even applies to Smash4, because in their own reclusive way, it’s pretty clear that the rebalancing and ongoing support Nintendo are providing to the game has had a competitive focus.

I can even sympathise with Melee and Mahvel, although not as much: they lack active developer or publisher backing – so supporting them doesn’t really help support the notion that developers should continue to work on fighting games and support their competitive communities and whatnot – but they obviously still have the entry numbers at offline events, and people still watch and care about them (even if I don’t). So if nothing else, I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to tell their respective communities that their game isn’t going to be at Evo.

So, I certainly don’t think there should be less than the 9 games they did last year.

But I get the impression that this is either Wizard just trolling everyone and there are actually going to be 10 games, or it’s all about one TO deciding that he’s overworked enough by Evo as a three-day, 7-game event, and unwilling to sell out, rework the organisational structure of his event, and/or stop micromanaging everything so that the event can scale properly. If that’s the case, then it’s not that I don’t sympathize – an event like Evo must be a colossal, almost thankless undertaking where seemingly everything goes wrong, to say nothing of the financial risk – but I really think this community needs a bigger Mecca, so to speak, and Evo is in the arguably unfortunate position of being the biggest event right now, and thus bears the brunt of the expectations of the FGC for better or worse.

Whilst disclaiming that I’m no expert, I think it’s probably time for an event like Evo to make a bigger business out of this scene. Including the SFV launch, there will be, what, five or six big launches in the genre between now and Evo 2016? Which means that a large influx of newcomers are going to be interested in the genre by then – and a lot of people already tuned in for Evo 2015. I think you’d hold their attention a lot more easily if you ran one-to-three finals every day for a week, too, and meanwhile you run it like a convention and sell tickets to casuals. You probably have to arrange a more suitable venue and devise a more robust managerial framework, but…other conventions already do all of this.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just saying all of this because I don’t think KI can make a good enough case to be on a 7-game list between now and January. But given what Evo is, this kind of constraint just makes me painfully aware of how suffocatingly constrained this event seems to be.

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iffy? lol

back on topic, I will tweet my vote for KI later today.

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I hear you! Tweet please :slight_smile:

Creating a Twitter account goes against my code of ethics.

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Remember that in March 2016, PC players will be getting their hands on KI. I expect the playerbase to grow significantly. This could translate directly to a much larger number of EVO competitors for this game.

I hear you. Although I’d say at least as KI players, most evo contestants are nowhere near scrubs imo.

And while I’m glad Microsoft brought the KI franchise back, it’d be great if the KI community can get some more love from Microsoft in the marketing/finance department. However, i think DH and IG and MS are doing great and are continuing to go in the right direction! We wouldn’t be here continuing to talk about KI if it weren’t such a great game!

Sooo… giving that with more support, the game can only get better … how about that tweet? :slight_smile:

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As a “late to the party” twitter guy myself, I understand.

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Definitely looking forward to it!

I enjoy watching KI at things like EVO, regardless of whether I get the opportunity to attend/participate. If there was just a tweet to get KI into EVO, I’d retweet it. However, they seem to be asking for 7 games instead.

I definitely support KI though and I believe that PC players and the influx of newcomers will bring a new level of competition to the game. It’ll be interesting to play against more people online etc next year. But HOpefully we get a good final of KI at EVO when the tournament roles around again.

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Gonna dust off my totally unused twitter account solely for this purpose.


Totally off topic, but somewhat related, how did Smash ever get so popular? What triggered it?
(I will bring to off topic section if gets out of hand)