Wait so is there going to be a pc demo

So is there going to be same kind of demo in where can i find the pc spices :statue_of_liberty:

No demo has been announced. Specs can be found here:

ok thx for the info in why no demo :sob: no but thx

Because the game is free? Wtf

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Yeah the game is free, if you want a demo to see how it runs on your PC you can just download the game itself.

Since it’s cross-buy, you can probably expect the same model as that of the Xbox One version: downloading and running the game is free, free access to Dojo, one rotating free character, $5 to permanently buy a character, $20 to buy a season, etc.

Probably he was afraid, like many others, that he required a subscription in order to play online.

Xbox Live = / = Live Gold, but you don’t understand the difference if you don’t know anything relating consoles. Also myself was decepted by thinking Live and Live Gold to be the same.

i mean an early beta program