VS Tank Chests

Okay, so this is going to be our little discussion on how to deal huh with Tank Chests across the cast. I’ve found a few characters that can make Tank chests trivial.

Riptor: Just mash heavy punch Primal linkers and it should build up really quick. Might need to use damage ender or some Shadow but she doesn’t need to work to hard to crack them.

Mira: Heavy Reaping makes this quick and easy. I’ve had mixed results as to whether the blood damage carries over, however.

TJ Combo: Open up with a flying knee and do a basic damage loop with the light knee linker and heavy doubles, be sure to throw out a Shadow Powerline for extra damage. Need to test if Auto Barrage helps.Shadow knee will whiff/cause a reset, so be cautious.

Will add more notes if I open them up with more characters. Also, don’t try any grabs/grab enders. It will whiff the chest.

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ARIA bodies tank chests for free. explosive arc linkers and shadow EA linkers work like a charm.


I just use the 30% damage nanobots, you can whomp a tank chest with anyone.

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I’ve got it with tusk and aria. Tusk just uses qcf hk and heavy kick linkers.

As a TJ player, I can confirm that a full Auto-Barrage helps a LOT getting it up to 2x.

With riptor 2 shadow attacks and a handful of dragon breath will get ya passed 2x.

I did it once with Sadira.

I finally got it with Jago. 2 shadow moves were involved.

I still didn’t make full 2x but were really close with Shago, 2 shadow endokukens are helpful.

If you’re getting a tank chest I think the game could at least refill your shadow (and maybe instinct) meters. Was quite annoying finishing an Ultra combo with hype beam only for a chest I could have used it on instead to show up.

Well, meter management boy. Gotta watch your meter in SL after an ultra.

I believe you only get to keep your meters if they’re powered up outside of battle. I’ve never noticed them being retained after a fight.

What does that have to do with a tank chest?

Oh, sorry. I meant so it wouldn’t hurt to refill meters when a tank chest spawns. Obviously I know now to not extend ultras, but it’d be nice if we could just take on a tank chest at full power.

…but you can…

Yeah, but I’d like to spend shadow during ultras too. It’s not a big thing, as the game is now it just means don’t shadow or instinct cancel an Ultra.

I still to this day will never understand ultra extending.

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Combo hits fight title, for me.

Combo hits, juggles, manuals, etc. Yeah, it helps with grinding fight titles. Not only that its awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, just ruins the moment really.