Voodoo Vince Remastered

I’m very surprised that no one (not even me) done a topic about this Legendary Original Xbox game which is Voodoo Vince. And now hes Back after 13 years Coming to the Xboxone As a Remaster.


Now all they have to do is remaster/remake Blinx the Time Sweeper and we’ll be in business.


And don’t forget Quantum Redshift we need that back too.

oh man I’m sooo hyped for this! and I usually not a fan of remastered games.

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I’ll buy it.

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Dude, I’ve been waiting to learn of Vince’s big return since the announcement date- For some reason, I thought that it would’ve been out by now… I got the original for Christmas the year it came out for the classic Xbox, and I’m definitely excited to revisit the warped New Orleans showcased in Voodoo Vince HD.


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Me too. :grinning:


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Whacked was an awesome game.

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