Visual tweaks in general

LCD made a great topic about how Kim-wu could use a good face tweak and i definitely agree, but why stop there?

kim wu isnt the only one that could use polishing. her face tweak in my opinion is a bigger priority, but wouldnt it be cool to see other visuals tweaked in KI as well? i saw the new visual changes with lighting to all the stages and im honestly ecstatic to say the least! the stages look outright gorgeous and do a better justice than higher resolution since colors would still looked washed out unless they are adjusted to compliment the better graphics.

i feel like if that much time was put into updating effects on other characters like cinder and his flames, glacius with his puddle effects, or orchid’s grenade toss animation…this glossy game would shine even brighter and feel fresh to loyal fans!

i know the season didnt even start yet, there are bigger priorities for the game, maybe the game’s engine isn’t as flexible as it could be, etc but maybe some minor individual tweaks for each character through out the season would be neat huh?

maybe more likely to come if and when s4 comes out…

if theres another forum with a similar topic, please send me a link!

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Character changes are much more time consuming that retexturing or adjusting the lighting etc… even the smallest change to a characters face would mean going back through the whole process of creating the character… They would have to re export all the model maps and then re rig the model… then get in all the animations for that new model, then test and repeat until finalised… that’s a lot…so I wouldn’t see that happening