Vip xp

My general reaction to this thread:

AHHHHH MAAATH!!..“Head busts open”

I’m just gonna punch stuff till I unlock everything…

Ok hopefully this will clarify it for you.

The booster you’re getting is the .10 from your difficulty bonus.

So again your base does not include any multipliers even if you have a difficulty bonus.

In your example your playing hard, difficulty bonus =1.10

You scored 1751 (this is your base) but you have a difficulty bonus of 1.10

So 1751 = 1 + 175 = .10 (difficulty bonus) for a total 1926XP

Let me know if it’s still unclear.

Yeah, I understand it now. Something was causing the booster multiplier message to pop up under certain circumstances even though it wasn’t actually doing anything.

That was a false flag, but funnily enough this morning, things are different.

There’s also some incomplete in-game messages popping.