Vip xp

  1. Does the VIP XP stack if I buy the double XP? Since we already have unlimited XP?
  2. will double XP weekends stack as well?

yes and yes

Now is it I got double XP. I buy a double XP with gold so now I have 4x XP. If I buy another one will it keep stacking

the staking is only on the base XP

So let’s say you get 1000XP on a match + you VIP DBL XP (1000) + DBL XP Weekend (1000) + DBL XP Booster (1000) = 4000XP for that match

In your examle

VIP + Booster DBL XP = 3XP (Base 1000 + VIP 1000 + Booster 1000)

the only question I don’t have an answer to is if you can have more than 1 XP Booster active at a time (i.e. 3 day DBL XP booster + 1 week DBL XP booster).

If you are getting 100xp normally, with double xp you get 200xp. With another double xp that becomes 300xp.

So, the max that will be possible is 4 x baseXP.

VIP booster: x2/+200%
& Special Weekend: x3/+300%
& KI Gold boost: x4/+400%

But are you able to purchase multiple KI Gold Boosters and have them all active at the same time?

If you’re able to buy multiple and stack them, can they be 2 of the same? (i.e.: 2x 3 day boosters) or do they have to be different boosters (1x3 day + 1x 7 day).

Or if you purchase more than one, it’ll be queued to the active one and only start when the existing expires?

@rukizzel are you able to shed some light on the topic?

I believe they cannot be stacked. Else we’d have level 50s who paid enough to get there in a couple of games

Just appends to the end of your current time. So if you have 3 days left, but 9 days more, you’ll have 12 days…

Awesome, thank you

I think the VIP booster is actually in effect now but it’s only kicking in when I play on Hard or higher, or when I’m playing ranked.

Is this going to be the case when S3 goes live? Double XP should mean double XP.

Bio only in effect as of March 29th

What you’re referring to I’d the difficulty multiplier which was always there.

Ranked gives you 50% more XP per match

Nah, not that. I’m getting the x1.50 difficulty bonus but then a Booster Multipier x1.00.


You aren’t acquiring any bonus from the VIP XP until March 29th.

I know how to math very well.

Nobody’s questioning your mathematical prowess, I’m just wondering why I’m getting a booster multiplier popup under certain circumstances.

Okay you know what? I’ll take pictures.
First match: Beginner.
Second match: Hard.

I have no idea why I’m getting a booster on hard mode, I wondered if it was perhaps due to the pre order affecting it somehow.
Certainly not complaining.

I’ll figure out what’s happening tomorrow morning. Unless someone can give a detailed explanation in the meantime.

But you’re not getting a booster. Looks at the number, it’s x1.

New development: Did a ranked match after going gold and didn’t get the booster anymore.

That’s what I thought, but when the animation plays it’s making the XP glow blue and then it “fizzes” into a higher number.

[strike]So on Hard what I think it’s doing is;


EDIT: No it’s not it’s just giving me the booster message for no reason. Harmless bug.