VG Dreams

So now what video game AND video game-related dreams do ANY of you gamers have as well as like to share?

As for me here I had a VG-related dream last night where I was basically hanging out with Angry Joe and his gaming crew from the AngryJoeShow. Also he was reviewing while simultaneously playing a few games within his YouTube channel AND outside in the real world doing both at the same time (as far AND as much as I can clearly remember from this dream that I had last night) :slight_smile: :grin:

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I had this crazy video game-related dream years ago, wherein I watched a trailer of an upcoming Crazy Taxi installment!

Essentially, it was titled Crazy Taxi 4. The four cabbie drivers from the first game returned, and the graphics looked outright beautiful. The gameplay is the same as usual, but it’s now more open-world, as it takes place in a larger city to show the graphic capabilities. However, the crazy twist here is that, for the first time, you can get out of the cab and do whatever you want! Crazy, right?

But it doesn’t end here, a much crazier twist is that, not only that you can get out of the cab, you can do this ability that is called Crazy Monster. For whatever reason, the cab driver turns into a beast, straight Bloody Roar style (changed appearance, but clothes still intact)! I don’t remember much what the cabbie drivers become as, but the only one I remember was that Axel (the green-haired guy) transformed into a lizard. By doing Crazy Monster, they can wreck havoc around the city.

Yeah, that’s all I remember. It’s crazy, right?

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