Using KIller Instinct Soundtrack for other opportunities

This is more of a what if, pipe dream kind of thing at the moment, and if I’m posting this in the wrong area of the forums for discussion, show me how to move a thread, or message me or whatever and I’ll take the appropriate action.

I was thinking years ago, Guitar Hero had a single Xbox exclusive track where the Halo 2 theme that had the guitar additions from Steve Vai playable on Guitar Hero 3. I had fun playing that track, and it was a nice console exclusive offering.

Considering there is a new Guitar Hero/Rock Band around the corner coming, what if some of the themes, The KI Theme, Inferno, Herald of Gargos, or any one of Little V Mills covers could be used as console exclusive payable tracks?

At best its a niche little offering that branches out to other mediums, but you gotta admit, being able to rock the KI theme on expert would be a pretty awesome feeling. Then again, it could be just me talking out of nostalgia for another gaming franchise that may be on the downhill slope.

Just asking what others think.


I don’t know whether it would be something MS could negotiate with Harmonix or EA, but I’d pick up a DLC pack of KI music for sure.

Great idea! I’ve actually been playing the themes on a real guitar. Its a lot of fun.

Your band should do a cover of Omens theme.

I’ve definitely been thinking about recording it or just playing guitar over it…kinda like guitar karaoke…lol
But honestly since I finished the CD i was completely burned out on playing music… it basically took everything i had in the tank to finish that sucker.

I probably listen to Omens theme 10 times a day. in my car to and form work, and at work all day. not to mention while playing the game. Its probably my favorite piece of music right now and for a long time.