USF4/SFXT: Challengers!

Hey everyone! Wanted to know, Does anyone still play USF4 or SFXT? I’d like to Street Fight with people, but not a lot of people play these games anymore. I play both, so It doesn’t matter to me which one. Maybe we can have some fun lobbies with you forum Guys and Girls!

I’d like my screen to say:


Feel free to use this as a USF4/SFXT Hub as well!

I play usf4 on the ps4. I’m looking at getting a 360 so I can get sfxt. Bar the gem and on disc dlc it’s an awesome game.

I Still Play Both On The 360…

SFXT was amazing. It improved on most of the stuff SF4 had, but because of Gems and On-disc DLC, it flopped… :confused:

@ShadowSlayerX91 That’s good! Maybe we can play sometime. Lol Need to get back into Street Fighter anyways.


Most Definitely. I’m Online Anything After I Get Off Of Work. Just Send Me A Request.

Gems killed it for me too. It was my favorite game until I realized that I couldn’t turn off gems. Was never going to play DoA5 as much as I ended up doing but it did make me check out KI too.

Never a Tekken gameplay fan, only of its characters.

I play with Gems I can never reach the goal for. LOL Makes it more fun.,

Not just gameplay wise, also the esthetics.

I absolutely hate the fact that every few seconds some gem is triggered and a character is constantly flashing green or red or whatever color.
I enjoy these games (SF, KOF,…) for their beautiful sprites, artwork and animation but because of this constant glowing, i couldn’t see how cool everyone looks. If they had just limited the flashing to one of the health bars or gem bars as an indicator, then I would still be playing :frowning:

I still Dan it up on USF4 for PS3.

But DAT INTRO & MUSIC though… :heart_eyes:

Chuck Norris approves too, so you know it’s amazing.

Really? I do too! I’m currently trying to get past 100 in the Leaderboards with Dan on X360. So hard. Lol