Useless moves and tech?

Do you have any moves (including specials and normals) and tech that you find useless, not worth effort, etc.?


-Jumping HP (not OTG move), this move looks cool but its basically suicide. Tusk might as well thrust his sword through his feet upon landing, at least it would be funny.

-Tusks farther F+MP (not crossup) is honorable mention. During my 9 months of maining Tusk I hit opponent with this move like twice, and it was an accident.

-Using B+HP to destroy projectiles. Dashing under is much more reliable.

-pre patch air skull splitter

-Hard Knockdown ender


-using auto doubles. 1lvl newbie can break them on reaction.


-MK and HK backflips outside of combo

-Destroying projectiles with hand clap

Eating minions to gain instinct is powerful for gargos and very under utilized. I mean 3 bars of shaodw meter and he gets instinct. That’s basically free combo breakers at any time and more then just twice a match.

Wait so eating minions gives instinct now? I thought it gives only meter, I didnt get memo :open_mouth:

Eating minions always gave instinct. Was like that on his release. eating minions gave 33% instinct meter.

Personally, I don’t see it as very useful (even though I knew about it). You have to sacrifice your meter, your minion, AND your potential safety all for something that gets you limited mobility as well as the inability to block… Yeah, no thanks. I’ll keep the minion for now.

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I always prefer to throw my minion when I have a chance, its really fun, can also create nice setups :smiley:

When Gargos has the control of the match (which happens frequently with two minions out) he has good meter management, and consuming minions who are at one hit to die is a fantastic way to give them a good use before loosing them without reward

A good Gargos will summon minions, will get a shadow meter available ), will absorb the most injured minion, and will summon it again, keeping the wheel spining. This is key if he has two stocks, otherwise he is not using shadow meter properly

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As a note, no one’s hard knockdown ender is useless.


I just said my opinion. I dont see reason to go for hard knockdown when damage ender gives me over 60% damage easily.

Damage enders typically only do 3-4% more than HKD or launcher enders, even at the highest ender levels. At lower levels the difference is so low as to be barely noticeable. There are only a handful of characters with damage enders strong enough to justify using, I think.

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Useless tech: Riptors “around the world”, medium manual, light manual, heavy primal linker, medium manual, light manual, heavy primal linker, etc. Useless because it doesn’t really do that much damage and it builds kv pretty fast.

With Raam if you hit with the last active frame of a standing lk with a very specific frame perfect set up, you can two frame link it into a jab or one frame link it into his Useless because why go for a set up that requires some frame perfect timing and then a two/one frame link for damage that basically amounts to two jabs and fills up half your kv, when you could just meaty with a better button?

I honestly don’t think there is any tech or specials… ect ect… that are useless. The tools that each character has been given has its purpose. If you keep finding that something is “useless” then you’re not using it right, or you misunderstand its purpose.

I remember really disliking Sadira’s new “Damage” Ender, as it didn’t seem to be doing any real damage, especially in comparison to something like her Shadow Recluse Ender, but when I examined most of my combos, I tended to use short hard to break combos, versus really high damaging easier to break combos. I wasn’t getting much damage off the damage ender because I wasn’t generating enough for it to matter.

Jumping LP w/Aganos.

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… I dare someone to do this against my Jago.

You’ll meet the bottom of my sandal

Getting rid of air projectiles?? (shago, glacius, kanra …)

OMG, the Shago MU without j. Lp even harder!!!

I don’t find any of Cinde’rs moves useless:

MK and HK blackflips (better to be used at ranges where you can hit where the light version cannot (just situationational)

I sometimes use the detonation move to destroy projectiles flying at me, kinda helps if I’m forced on defense. : U I fully utilize everything Cinder has. That’s how I win battles against Glacius

The beauty from what I can get from this convo: is KI’s system allows everyone to play differently and very their fighting style tactics. LOVE THIS GAME!

With air projectiles, it’s better for Aganos to walk forward, duck them, and/or use up-flick. If he gets hit by it while grounded he may lose a chunk or a little bit of health, but if he gets hit by it while jumping, he also gets knocked down, which makes him more vulnerable to further attack and it does damage to any walls he has in place. It’s better overall if he just stays grounded when being attacked by air projectiles.

Speaking on useless, is it me or does no Shago player ever use Instinct for Shadow Tether? I see the appeal of Annihilation (free 48% as a punish is a huge thing), yet the +2 frame advantage and shadow tether provides him with a slightly more open set of tools and attaching the tether can mean shutting down an enemy’s shadow meter by using Shadow moves like crazy (which is especially crippling for a character who seriously needs shadow meter like Gargos or Omen). It feels odd that no one uses a tool or tech that seems really good but… well I’ve yet to see it being used seriously.

Well annihilation is too tempting to pass up (despite it being complete garbage). So you won’t see much tether use for a while if ever.