Useen artwork KI 1994

Argo - Spinal
Toxin - Riptor
(UNKNOWN) - Jago
King Thunder - Chief Thunder
Mr.Fist - Tj Combo
Wanada - Orchid
Newton - Sabrewulf
Afterburner - Cinder
Glacius don’t have change name.
Midas - A wizard who’s deadlier then he look (Not Yet Modelled)

I don’t know who Tremor, we never see what he look like.

But where’s early render of Fulgore??


Very nice, I really need to pick up Rare Replay. Also Cinder has more pre-release names.


Yeah, you’re right, Cinder has pre release names.

Cinder: Magma, Meltdown and Afterburner

I’m still wonder about Tremor, why he won’t in KI 1994??

As awesome as it was to see this, I’m mad at your for providing spoilers to Rare Replay… :rage:

I’m sorry. :confused:

Apology accepted. :wink:

Here is what it all said on the paper for characters and back-story in case you couldn’t see:

Newton (Sabrewulf) - A werewolf with an attitude (So Wulf would of been the sonic of KI)

King Thunder (Chief Thunder) - A proud red Indian warrior (Jeez you cant say red Indians guys)

Mr Fist (T.J. Combo) - A boxer whose business is pain (So less of a cheater right?)

Wanda (B. Orchid) - A fearless acrobat (less acrobat more stripper with that pole)

Toxin (Riptor) - A Lizard-man from Atlantis (OK that is badass)

Jago - A superb Tibetan warrior monk (the same as he is now)

Afterburner (Cinder) - A being of pure fire (cinder is a better name)

Midas - A wizard who’s deadlier then he look (Not Yet Modelled) (Ok bring this guy back for season 3 along with the secret boss)

Glacius - An alien being from Mars (so he was stealing the mom’s in Mars needs mom’s)


Argo (Spinal) - An ancient Greek warrior (Argo honestly sounds cooler)

Eyedol - A mean two headed Cyclops (the same and just as cheap)

Fulgore - An android with a mission (Hmmm… what’s his mission also he is not an android he is a cyborg)


Tremor - The God of thunder (Not Yet Modelled) (wait so mixing the name and abilities of 2 separate Mortal Kombat characters…cool, ehh don’t bring him back since his controversial name and powers)

YES! Midas and Tremor must join KI season 3!

Well Tremor wasn’t a thing back then sooooo, I’d say they would be cool on making their own thunder god. :stuck_out_tongue:

If Tremor join season 3, I feel like that’s rip off because Tremor form MKX!

But Thunder is already the “Thunder God” of KI! :worried:

Could have been why this character was excluded, who knows.

But maybe if he come back different? Don’t forget that we are in a Reboot now :smile:

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I hope he come back!

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Maybe he come back as a God of Water or Wind? (Elements that was not been used yet)

“Wanda (B. Orchid) - A fearless acrobat (less acrobat more stripper with that pole)”

Man, video games sure did mature since the 90s.

LOOOL dead or alive and Soul Calibur are not helping though (despite how fun they are) :joy:

Well, that’s okay. Cheesecake is always fine in moderation.

Just change Tremors name if they decide to bring him in. Wouldn’t that be simple?

But that name exist even before The MK Tremor (MK Special Forces) exists! :neutral_face: