Upset about S3 launch time

If you guys had just said it would release the 30th and now come out and say “because we love you so much we are gonna release it a day earlier” everyone would be talking how you guys are the best devs ever but no, announce it the 29th and dont even release it at midnight (us time) so all the people outside the us who took a day off for KI could have just as well gone to work and still be home in time to play it ar release and instead having day off the next day.

Yeah im pissed. Still love you IG/MS

I usually f@#* people outside of America… because… I’m European…
Wait, that’s not what this thread is about, is it?

But seriously, I won’t get the game before Thursday, so it doesn’t matter to me anyways.

To be fair, every date has been US specific for this game. Idk why you expected this time to be any different.

In the entire history of this game, the updates never had specific times. There has even been a few dev posts in the last month that have explained this. If you made this mistake, it is entirely your fault.

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Papa was a rolling stone and hell, I am one too.

like i said, midnight of ANY US timezone would be fine which you know, is the norm?

Yeah, I hate that its so late in the day, its stupid, why not just have the patch go out the day before like MKX did and not have the stuff launch until midnight?

Is the norm for game releases not patches.

It’s because it’s a patch and not a full game

So do what MKX did then, MKX had a patch with new characters, they released the patch the day before, and the stuff actually unlocked at midnight,if a third party game can do that, why can’t KI, just seems strange.

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Will PC’s not patch version release at midnight?

For Europe it says 00h01 CET in the Xbox One store…

But hey it’s Microsoft … They love that to ■■■■ it up and make people upset everytime, what did you expect ?

That alone gives me all the reason and people cant argue i did a mistake. If its on the Xbox store, someone at MS did the mistake.

Nope. It all releases at the same time. People say it says a certain time on the xbox store but in my xbox store it doesn’t and I have yet to see any SS proving otherwise although I have asked for them.