Upgradable Xbox One

Well you guys must know now that Phill Spencer has plans on launching something else that can expand the GPU of the Xbox One and make it possible to run at full 4K resolution. Here’s an interview about it:

Could be nice to have an option to upgrade your console without the need of buying a new one. Would be very cool to use the kinect port to an external GPU i wonder how powerful the kinect door are. Also give us an option of replacing the internal hardrive into a SSD. My suggestion is that upgrade should be called XBOX_101. lol

Anyway. What do you think about the possibility of an upgradable console?


While I don’t object to an upgraded console experience, or even an easily upgrade-able one, I would rather just invest in an already upgraded SKU of the Xbox One, I feel like there would just be too much issue with connectable component attachments to upgrade processing and graphics hardware, and would honestly rather there be a version with the upgraded CPU/GPU hardware preinstalled in its standard form. It’s kind of why I’ve been eyeballing that sexy looking 1 TB hybrid elite model with the 500 GB solid state and 500GB HDD hybrid drive storage, and comes with an Xbox Elite Controller.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I would like to see more of the concept drawn out, and possibly demonstrated with a tech demo of sorts. Until then, my support on the issue is minimal.

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would be awesome.

It’s funny people are talking about the end of this console gen looming. Meanwhile Sony and Microsoft are already coming up with game plans to extend it. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Me want. Great if possible, of course.

I think maybe they would do better opening up some kind of trade in program for xbox one. I know they’ve still got to make cash but 4k is the big push for gamers as it’s becoming more of a standard for displays but I know it is high cost currently on power and the hardware to push it not to mention the stable frame rates. If the price was reasonable I would much prefer them having a direct upgrade process, where you give them your console number they send you a upgraded xbox for a decent discount for your trade in and once they get your console you refund you or charge you whatever the difference would be. Making the hard drive self up-gradable shouldn’t be a question since they are trying to bring their entire catalog of 360 games (that’s possible) to 1 and you’ve got to install every game in order to play them. A sata 3 port would also be nice ( I’ve read they are still usin sata 2). I’m using a 2 TB external now and that’s filling up. Might be time for a 4…

I wanted a Modular console but I think they already flat out denied it. It would have been cool to just have an Xbox shell and being able to open it up and just put in new components. Would only work if they made it a simple process instead of building a PC.

I dont know…i mean persoanlly if somehow it’d allow Halo 5 to play local co-op i’d be all over it, but i dont see that happening. That’s pretty much been my biggest complaint about this generation of consoles. Everybody was so insistant on running 60 FPS & 1080p key features like that were scrapped, & while most players dont seem to care & are all “REQ packs!! Woot!” Not having 4 player split screen kinda ruined H5 for me. I played with my family…my wife & older 2 kids. Now the only way that’s happening is if we get 2 more XB1s…unless they add local multiplayer when the XB1 gets upgraded…but I kinda doubt they’d do that.

If they could make it so I can trade in my console and pay a little more for the upgrade, I’ll be on board. Until then, I’ll take whatever makes the console perform better.

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I feel you, still havent played past the first mission of halo 5 (always used to do it with a friend) and my multiplayer time falls way short of previous halo’s, and that is while I feel the overall gameplay is better than it has been in years…