Updating Certain Stage Themes

I’d really like to see a few of the stage themes get updated with there soundtrack versions (like how Aria’s theme got ‘the instinct’ section added to her theme). Sections I’d like to see get added would be:

Devils Landing: Extra singing at 4:20 should be activated if you’re doing a huge comeback

Shadow Tigers Lair: ‘Fight your instinct’ theme should be updated with the part at 4:00 and 4:35 should be for a huge comeback

City of Dawn: 4:58 should be the ‘fight your instinct’ theme


I like the top two but I still prefer Maya’s current theme, I want more jungle than techno with her stahe which it fits in my case.

Even though we don’t hear the ‘fight your instinct’ sections too often, it’d definitely be nice to have those sections updated to those parts in mentioned in the soundtrack versions.

And as for the triggered comeback sections, the extra singing part on Thunders stage should defs be added and adding the part at 4:35 from the soundtrack to Shago/Omen’s stage would explode my shlong off.

I don’t think any changes of themes will happen since Mick Gordon did all the work on those tracks for S1 and S2 and since hes not working on the game anymore I don’t see the new guys messing with them.