Updated Tusk trailer with next character tease?

Hey. Are we going to get an updated version of Tusk’s trailer with a teaser of the next character at the end (even if it’s one of those “leaked” characters from a certain fighting game news website)? I don’t know why MS and IG have been slacking off with the trailers as of late, but at least give us one trailer on release with a character tease at the end!



I think @Sasuke99I has the best image for you. I just watched the near-finished tease yesterday. Hopefully it will be out really soon, but no promises. All has to do with people being in the country, characters looking presentable, etc.


Ok. No worries. It’s just since the Kim Wu trailer, we’ve been getting lack of teases until a day later or so. Regardless keep up the good work!

Oh and please add ultimates to s3!


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I’m done with this thread. How do you close it? Can’t seem to do it. Thanks.

So I’m just gonna start the speculating (you knew this was gonna happen no matter how you responded), possibly with the launch trailer.