Update the KI Timeline?

With all these expanding stories from season 1 to 2 happening, is there a chance to reboot the timeline?


The new KI is already a reboot, and you want them to reboot the reboot? Sounds rather excessive and unnecessary, doesn’t it?

I was talking about what’s in that link, and how they’ll like refresh it to make it sense.

Ah, then “reboot” is the wrong term. Refresh, as you said, would explain what you meant. Or update.
Who made that timeline? It’s pretty cool. Hopefully the ones who made it will put in what we learn from S3.

@kamenriderzer02 I started work on an updated time line, but that was right as the new back stories were starting up. As the back stories continued to be published though, they continually retconned / added lore each week. Trying to keep up was a monumental task so I put the timeline on hold, but kept reading along and keeping mental notes for the eventual new timeline.

Keep in mind, I’m not the guy who make the timeline above, I was doing a second, hopefully more expansive, timeline than the one above.

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Hello good friends! I’m the creator of this KI Timeline. I had a thread for this before the forum changes were made, but I never really got around to actually getting back in here. I’ve kinda just watched for news on updates and Season 3, but now I’m here. Again.

Anyway, I have been watching all of the numerous information we received. The expanded character stories, Season 3, details I missed from S2 story, and so on. I’ve started planning out improvements to further expand on this timeline and making things more accurate.

I haven’t been able to commit as much time to this timeline in the last couple of months because of school (they even blocked the Forums where I’m at), but with this semester having less work for me to do I can actually put time into it.

I had started planning for adding in the updated stories. I will make a thread for the timeline soon as I start adding in the changes. I also thought about having other users collaborate with me on the timeline.

Thanks for taking notice of my timeline! I shall begin adding the changes to it soon.


If you want help / to collaborate, I’m more than willing. I was trying to contact you before I began work on the one I’m doing, but you were seemingly incommunicado. Regardless, I would rather help on yours than create / publish a whole new thing. Having one timeline rather than multiples would be ideal IMO.

Anyway, if you’d like the help, I’m here.

My apologies for lack of communication. As I said, school has been a bit of a busy time for me, but now I have more free time for things like this. There are lot of personal hobbies and commitments I’m starting to put more time towards again. But yes I am more than happy to collaborate with you.

Is there any update to the KI story timeline?

No one’s changed the timeline since the season 3 characters’ appearance?