Update for the KI Tourneys in Vernon Hills

Wanted to run down a few things that has happened in light of the tourneys and consistency of the event.

First off: Until I start getting 10+ people coming in consistently I will start putting back the Shago masks from Ultimate Source in the prize support. It’s great that there is a group that comes in consistently and thank you all who do show, but with masks being limited and the rule of thumb I’ve made for said masks is that if you already own a mask you are not eligible to gain said mask and in turn would get Store credit over at Gamer’s World Vernon Hills for future purchases or for future buy-ins for the tourney.

Secondly: Eric (Gamer’s World Vernon Hills’ Manager), and I have a double game set up so there can be two games to be run at once. Short term it will make tournaments run quicker, but in light of it, say it gets bigger and there is a bigger player base, the tournaments can run smoothly.

Third: All brackets are now going to be maintained with challonge’s website and open bracket management. For a short time with the group we’ve had we tried to get swiss going and run tournaments as such like that, the end result was more confusion than explanation and I believe that challonge would give the tools to make the most sense and move forward with that.

Fourth: Eric and I have agreed to bring our Xbox Ones early so that gives people the option to run as many practice rounds as possible before the event and give you guys the most practice for the Tourney.

Fifth: In regards to scheduling, I have pushed back the tournaments to 7 PM so that way I can maximize the amount of players joining for the tourneys. Payout is still the same, the rules still stand, the rounds are now 3 out of 5 instead of 2 out of 3. IF ANYTHING HAPPENS WHERE I CANNOT MAKE IT (Which should not happen unless it is blackout for scheduling at my own job.) I will make a post over on my twitter which you can follow @TMGChannelLive . https://twitter.com/tmgchannellive

Thank you for understanding and I hope to see you all sometime in the future!