Update for Killer Instinct Windows 10 Store

I have been waiting for an update to fix the definitive and purchase issue for a while along with quite a few others.

Good news is I checked App updates just now and theres a 1.25gb KI update available.

Will update after its done to see if the issues have been fixed and update you all.

Still experiencing the same purchase issues, and characters greyed out. Although after the update Shin Hisako appears in the character store.

Nothing on Xbox yet

that gig and a quarter update is patch 2.7. they’ve been holding it in the pipe for a while now. they released patch notes in the “news” section of the forum.

whatever the problem is with the definitive edition is, it might be good news they released this patch. As one could interpret it that they isolated the problem. IG are quick to fix these issues. I’m sure a hot fix is inbound in a few days.

2.7 marks a change to a few characters. that have me nervous lol. these patches always seem to break something.

they fix it really quickly tho (under 2 weeks) so that’s good. Season 2 was rough. they patched and released one character a month. so somethings were always bugged or broken to one degree or another, but always fixed quickly. season 3 dropped bigger and fewer updates and that seemed to work well.

Now that season 3 is over it seems as if we might be back to a modified season 2 release approach. as in not every month but every two or three. will longer times in the QA lab. which is perfect.

OMG! Sadira has her unbreakables back!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


You mean 3.7

lol. I wonder if aria didn’t have her stupid air zoning, that sleep would have won KIcup17. yup, I’m talking trash already :blush:

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