Unwritten Rules

Sometimes I’ll do something that’ll upset my opponent, which is not my intent. Are there unwritten rules that everyone in the FGC is supposed to know? Here are examples:

I play Exhibit, use the same character the whole time, opponent rages at me with profanity and says I’m in Exhbit, implying I am to rotate characters?

Play Exhibit, play few matches, zero defeats, then leave. Opponent messages me probably with rage, “Why you running?” Or “coward” or something to that extent.

Refuse to match with someone who I just fought. Receives salty message.

Leaving after 1 match of Exhibit. I get called derogatory words.

Being a frustrating fighter to fight (like kanra). Someone actually complained I was being a dooosh by spamming his traps.

Video game rage is as worse as road rage. I believe if I actually play some of these people in real life they’ll want to physically harm me.

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no unwrtitten rules… people will complain about anything… You are in your right to leave whenever you want, use one or multiple characters if you want, play whatever mode however you see fit, just as long as your being respectful… pay no mind to anything else…

people teabag, which I am against but I will never complain because I know what to expect sometimes…

people complain about multiple Ultras… and again I say so what? it is a part of the game mechanics or it would be impossible to do…

Advice: just avoid/ignore those type of players, there are millions more that aren’t that way and win or lose will reply with GG


Just ignore them and move on.

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I see playing exhibition as signing up for a “first to five”, or “first to ten”. Leaving after one game is kind of rude, there no reason to do that.

If someone leaves, then they must really hate the character or playstyle you are using.

I once had a crazy set with a good TJ combo player who thought that using the corner to your advantage was cheap. He demanded we play mid-screen the whole time. It was very strange. I hope he stopped thinking that way.

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Not so much unwritten rules as much as edicate or standards amongst the FGC. Though, I like to think of it as “warriors code” who engage in a battle. Silly, I know but bare with me.

In reality, you can do what you want and how you want to. It’s up to you, but I’d be lying if I were to say there isn’t some form of edicate amongst the FGC.

Some that I know from the top of my head are as follows.


This comes in many forms but is usually a symbol of understanding your opponent and having a completely skillful match without the use of “tactics” like taunting or teabagging. This also applies to constantly pressuring opponents with DPs to suggest you don’t respect their wakeup option. A quick finish is almost like a warriors death being a Ultra to instant ender opposed to full ultra. Finally, not leaving immediately after one match. This one actually irritates me because it doesn’t help for improvement and also it leaves the victor with the impression that they are better opposed to simply taking one match away from someone who wasn’t truly defending themselves.


This one is a bit more arguable being that it comforts a player which is fine but can also give them misinformation or bad learning experiences. If I see someone playing a day one Shin Hisako, I won’t be inclined to use my main as much as I would use someone I may be learning. It isn’t bad just somewhat at a level of understanding like, “hey I’ll pull my punches a bit.” This can be detrimental because some people don’t like the feeling because it somewhat baby’s them. It’s situational but most people don’t want you going full try hard on a day one character.

Something I want to add is that you really have an unconventional playstyle. I believe I stumbled across your Glacius before. Not to say it is unbeatable as much as it is tough to understand in quick sets. It takes a while to understand before someone can actually shut it down. Quick combos, projectile spam, and run away when you have a lead. It’s unconventional and irritating to fight against, nonetheless it is a tactic that someone MUST understand.

Hope that gave you some clarity.


Personally, if I’m the host of a lobby, I’ll warn other players if they double/triple ultra that they are gone if they do it again. People don’t have time for that, especially after waiting patiently for their turn.

Okay, I have to say something since you wrote it twice.

It’s etiquette bro, instead of edicate.


I’ll let you in on something I learned looooooonnnnnnggggg ago about fighting games that applies universally across them all. No exceptions.

Your job isn’t to make it easy for them to win, it’s to make it difficult for them to win. If you are using a tactic they can’t beat, that’s their problem, not yours. Playing by some kind of unwritten rules or “honor code” or whatever because you feel something is too cheap to use or is OP, or you want to inhibit your opponents options by implying a hidden rule like “no jumping”, it does nothing to help you or him to grow as a player.

It’s also your choice to be courteous and polite, though I’d choose that over being a jerk. There’s no reason for that, but if they insist on being hateful, that’s on them. You don’t have to put up with it.[quote=“Dranyamarel143, post:1, topic:19353”]
Leaving after 1 match of Exhibit. I get called derogatory words.

Well, on this one, always try to give them a best of 3 or so. Exhibition you’ll wanna use to run sets, and give people the benefit of the runback in case they wanna try and see if they can learn from the previous fight. It’s your choice, but if they are polite about the matches, it’s kind of a courtesy to at least give them a chance at a comeback, but at some point, you have to draw the line and move on.

However, if they go mega salty and start insulting, using profanity, being hateful, then I’d say you’re within your rights to just leave without even so much as an explanation.

If you’re frustrating them with Kan Ra’s bugs and traps, I’d say you are playing Kan Ra correctly, he’s not designed to be easy to combat.

You’ll find some people avoid ranked because they think exhibition is easier to play and they should win more frequently. So you may meet a caliber of player who’s there for easy wins, and won’t expect better players to play exhibition very often, so they can be a little more salty than most.

I’ll say this for ranked, while you will encounter teabaggers and taunting, at least they aren’t like the super salty types that stick to exhibition.

Nah, it’s educate.

Lol, not in those sentences.

Yes. It’s elbowcake.

Edit: I’m tired bro, leave me be. I’m in no mood to revise my grammar on mobile, lol. Thanks though.


Just ignore them… they are salty because they lost. you didnt do anything wrong…they are just searching for justification as to why they lost. Its sad really.


I’m not sure why. The only thing Exhibition should imply is that you can say no and that you can rematch.

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dude ignore them and be glad we aren’t like the smash community

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Well, leaving Exhibition before a FT3 at least always just makes me wonder why you aren’t just playing Ranked. If you want a one and done or FT2, then what’s the point of playing in Exhibition at all?

My general rule of thumb is to play to some “set” number, whether FT3/5/7/10. Anything above 10 and I feel neither party is obligated to stay for any more games than they feel like, but up to that point I’ll always try and play the “set” out. There’s obviously no rule about it, but that’s my general Exhibition “etiquette”. If you’re winning and you leave on an even number of games or something I’m not going to rage about it or anything, but yeah, I’d be mildly annoyed.

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Like Storm said you want to at least do 2 out of 3 or something similar to that best of concept but if they are being a jerk and tea bag, or 3x ultra you should leave at any time and not worry about it.

If I cross a known jerk player and they open the match with taunting and tea bagging and I still win…I love leaving at that point so they cant get a run back :slight_smile:

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I can relate with this a lot. I find people who play just one character, their main, over and over again in lobbies or in exhibition are less fun people to play against. (I’m talking in terms of them being an acquaintance and they still do this). I hate when I explicitly ask my opponent to not repetitively play the same character over and over again, or to stop spamming stupid-easy-to-counter-things at me because a simple input would punish it etc., and they dont comply. Maybe comply isn’t the right word, but they care little for my experience, and that’s not someone I enjoy being around. I hate learning new characters that I have maybe 20 mins of games time with and when my opponent sees my lack of skill with the character and still refuses to play someone within reach of that character skill; DRIVES ME NUTS.

But why? There are literally dozens of reasons as to why someone would leave at any time.

I mean, sure. I generally go for FT3/5 when I’m on Exhibition, but I’ll also leave after one or two matches because a friend just got on, or I got a phone call, or I made a mistake and needed to back out to correct it, or etc etc etc. Getting annoyed because someone chooses not to rematch is a little juvenile, guys. If it were bad voice communications, teabagging, excessive ultra, rage quitting or something along those lines, a little annoyance or frustration would, perhaps, be warranted. But not continuing a set with some random person you get paired with?


exhibition has no rules, lobby is more defined for multiple rounds, ranked is only one match, exhibition allows you to play one or more, I don’t have to stay for best of three if I don’t want to…

as @Somea2V says, there could be many reasons, but it isn’t rude in the very least, you fight someone, win or lose and they leave, just move on like they did, why would you be offended?

This reminds me of my daily matches on my lunch break. Just about everyday during the last set when it get to be 12:55pm and I need to head back to work I leave after the last match regardless of who won. Then I always return home later to see I have a salty message becasue I left LOL

There is a guy with the name CELLAR in his GT… he is the kind of sending me salty messages. He plays Hisako and claims he lace in EVo and beats sleep all the time. Smelly cellar or something…OMG Im so tired of that dude.

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