Unlocking new skins

How do you unlock the new skins, especially the terror skins?

I don’t think either the gold or terror skins are supposed to be available yet. Just the shadow skins so far which can be purchased with either shadow points or KI gold.


They said that they’re technically not supposed to be available yet, and it was a glitch that they’re even showing up. As far as I know on PC you can purchase them right now, but the process is kinda glitched. I went ahead and took advantage of it, and with every purchase the game got stuck on a authentication screen after purchase, but after I shut down the game and started it back up they were there.
But should anyone try to get them pre-official release I’d suggest to be weary. Just because I had a good experience doesn’t mean the next guy will.

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Good thing is that with the daily loot system makes grinding for shadow points a little easier than I thought. I was worried that i was going to be grinding for ages in low teir level shadow survival and sparse bounty and retribution battles.

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