Unlocking Astral Plane Normal mode?

So how baout we can unlock this stage on normal mode? I mean its hard enough already for people who are not THAT good, so its kinda unfair for people who wants that stage to unlock but cant because its to hard…

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That is the point. The players who can handle the difficulty gets rewarded

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Normal is the equivalent of easy mode for SL, so it makes sense for you to unlock a bonus stage by beating it on a higher difficulty.

Did they change it since the beta? During that you could get it on normal mode.

I beat it on normal during early access which I thought they said would carry over. I got on last night and astral plane is locked again and I have to beat it on challenging or godlike. Oh well. Shadow lords is super fun to play so it’s not really a bad thing to have to play it more now.

Im a little salty that they RE-locked Astral Plane after i got it in the early access, and now Gargos isnt even beatable, even with all his buffs removed


[quote=“REYNOSOFUA11, post:3, topic:14833, full:true”]
Normal is the equivalent of easy mode for SL, so it makes sense for you to unlock a bonus stage by beating it on a higher difficulty.
[/quote]Except now “normal” is harder than challenging was in the beta.

I think its still difficult enough they should change it back to normal imo.

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The thing to remember is that we mentioned nothing was promised as far as carry over. In all actuality, we were glad that Mimic skin progress carried over. Consider it a bonus for early access folks.

But yes, it is supposed to be a Challenge (cwutIdidthar) to unlock the Astral Plane.


I’ll get there especially with like 80 odorous wolf hearts 50 embalmed calf livers and potion restores a plenty.

I would have bought it as well with KI gold as I made sure I bought my fave gals mimic skins as I wanted them all NOW

But the game is Hard on Normal. It already is challenging. Now it’s just impossible.

That is the point. The Astral Plane is meant to be extremely difficult to obtain. It is supposed to be something special that only those who are stronger than Gargos can obtain.

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Yeah I was bit disappointed to find out I have to re-unlock it, doesn’t help that I don’t really understand the mode anyway lol

Is there a fast way to get all the omen’s to come quickly, beat them to remove buffs and get to Gargos quickly? As is I just fight every single fight and get to like 9 turns before a single omen arrives, it takes kind of long lol

Not that I don’t enjoy the mode and won’t be spending time on it, but id like to get that stage re-unlocked asap to use in other modes whenever I play them.

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Well that’s not fair. That mean’s people who are not good at the game misses out. If I wasn’t a old Killer Instinct fan and I was completely new to the game this would be a thing I would scrap the hole game for. I would get the … with it and stop playing completely. Not everyone can just get good at a game no matter how long they have been playing and not everyone like’s challenge. If there’s something that’s not obtainable because I have to be a expert to get to it then I would call quits on the hole thing just for that one thing. I am only giving this mode ago because I am a big Killer Instinct fan but the fact it is so Hard to Unlock a single stage It is really getting throwing me off of the hole thing. I want a game that I can just play all of and be happy with, Not a game that makes me angry and annoyed because I cant get everything because it’s to hard.


Have you tried CoD or BF?

I don’t like either of them game’s

Well they are easy.

I don’t like 1st person shooter’s it doesn’t matter how easy they are. But this hole Stage thing is making me really not like shadow lords because of that one thing.

Well ask the devs for a change or an explanation then.

okay. Dev’s please Change it to Normal Mode as well. It’s to Hard right now.