Unlocked 1 of each costume at once

Last night I was playing as shadow Jago and beat a killer in my 3rd fight and it unlocked a costume for every character. Anyone know what achievement this is?

There have been a few bugs which have prevented achievements from unlocking correctly sometimes- I assume you’re talking about achievement popups? If the new patch fixed a problem which had prevented some of your achievements from unlocking, when you completed your first match it might have unlocked several achievements/colors at once.

Thanks but that couldn’t be it because there are quite a few characters including Kan ra and riptor which I’ve never played with and they’re unlocked

yeah, got an orchid costume unlock as soon i started the game after the latest patch … thought everybody might’ve gotten it, never play as Orchid

That’s because it’s a holiday one. You get candy canes as well as a color for her. Antlers for Sabrewulf, and a Santa head for TJ combo.

hmmm … yeah sounds good to me then