Unlockable Battle: Boss Shadow Jago

Since Shadow Tiger’s Lair is now unlocked by default, I think it’d be good to provide gamers with something to notify them of their accomplishment after beating Boss Shadow Jago. If not a specific achievement that could be tied to the fact that the players have the secret ending (thereby allowing those who have already done it to not have to go through the battle again unless they choose to), maybe you could have the option of fighting the battle from the main menu, kind of like Marie 300% is in Skullgirls (hidden away in the extras, but there if people want to try it).

What do people think on this?

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I think that would be cool, that or some sort of little reward for those who manage to take him out. How cool would it be if those who beat him got a new Shago color you could only get by beating him :slight_smile:

Maybe not an unlockable colour, maybe just the battle - don’t want to re-divide the community over colours again

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I would agree with this. I was actually just thinking in the last couple of days about how I haven’t played against Boss Shago in a while, and it’d be cool to see how my Gargos fares against him.

…and then I remembered…

Yeh, I know what you mean. It’d be an interesting experiment, seeing how the old boss character would handle new s2 and 3 chars, considering the AI is probably hard coded to react to certain things, maybe

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The last time I beat B Shago I got the story ending, ect… but it didnt stay in the story ending menu. It was there until I exited the game , came back the next day and it was no longer available to watch. That was disappointing…luckily I had recorded it while it happened.

Do you guys have the secret ending available in the story menu?

An achievement would be great too!

I can’t check that myself, but I have the ending recorded from the fight itself.

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Yo, I fought shadow jago last year and he destroyed me like 50 times. Today I decided to give it another go, and I beat his arse like in the 3rd try! Anyways, I was too hype that I didn’t record it. And there doesn’t seem to be an achievement for it which is a shame. Is there any way to be able to show/prove that I beat him? I’m currently watching the end credits lol

If you dvred your last battle you’d have proof, I guess.

You can watch my battle(s) against him here: Jago VS Boss Shago

There’s a replay archive. You should be able to find it there! :wink:

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Indeed. That’s the best way to do it other than dvr or live capture, the latter of which you can see in my above video.

Thanks! I’m gonna look for it lol

When I beat him I was on “danger” and he had more than half of his second life bar. Got comeback. I feel like I got lucky honestly lol

100% behind this idea! Fighting Shadow Jago was such a satisfying chore but most new players are oblivious to the boss versions existence. Would definitely love a way to show that i’ve conquered it in the past.

I DVDrd my match and the Secret Ending.

Thing is the Secret Ending does not save in the Cinematic page. Mine was int here directly after I beat SHago but then the next time I booted up KI it was gone. Its a bug I mentioned they need to fix for sure.