Unable to use multiplayer

Anyone else unable to multiplay ?
I have connection , I’ve uninstalled the game , and reset the Xbox one to factory . Other games will allow multiplayer . This is the only one I can’t get to multiplayer with

Help …

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I believe devs are already working on it

Im not able to either, it would seem here in the killer ranked league that nobody except for one person has done match

My gamertag is the same incase invites still work

I believe Exhib is up, I played a set 4 hours ago

The matchmaker doesn’t work

yeah, see this thread, and Xbox too --> Matchmaking does not work on Windows 10 since yesterday

Really ? I’ve been unable since yesterday .

Just to clarify, I inv the dude, matchmaking had no work there. I guess searching, queue is/was dead

yeah ranked is down, but you can invite folks for sets

When I logged into KI yesterday and saw that the highest Killer only had 18 points I knew something was amiss. Hopefully the devs will respond shortly with a fix.

Same, I had to smack up some streamers because none of the queue’s worked.
Taught them some stuff about Fulgore so maybe I won’t hear how overpowered I am still despite being the most nerfed character in the game.