Unable to start multiplayer match

Hey guys,

I play KI on PC but whenever I try to join an online lobby via a friend’s invite, it says “unable to start multiplayer match”. When can I expect this issue to be fixed?
Hope to hear from you guys soon.

You sure it’s not your side of things?

I have the problem since S3.

I had NO PROBLEM before. I can’t join any multiplayer lobby. All my settings are good (NAT and everything). I did everything that was asked on the MS Support Service.

Not sure how to fix that on pc but on X1 i just restarted KI

same problem here since yesterday, I had no issues the other days :frowning:

I just fixed that problem last night.

I have removed my player account from the Xbox, hard reseted it and downloaded my player account again.
Since then it works great for multiplayer.

Reinstalling the game is another solution that seems to work as well.

I’m also having this issue. Finally got a friend to download windows 10 so we could play, but invites don’t seem to be working. I can play randoms online, though I’m not sure if he can. He couldn’t seem to find a match when he tried. We can chat via xbox app. He’s on the free version and I’m full ultra seasons. We’re both on PC. As i typed this he seemed to finally receive an invite I sent many minutes ago. I get his invites pretty quick but then it doesn’t connect. I guess the delayed acceptance on his end just makes it time out.