Unable to resync dlc content. PC problem

So I have been playing KI on the PC since launch and just today it started to give me this error when I try to play the game. I can still play the game but only General Raam, the free character, is available. Interestingly, I try to play KI on my Xbox One and I get the same error but I can still use all of the characters. I tried reinstalling the game on the PC but I still got the error. How can I fix this?

I thought it was a server thing…i find it happens every now and then

I also have this problem! Part of the downloadable content is not available.KI gold shows (0). I play on PC

Same here. Bought Season 2 and I can only play Raam ;(
Weirdly enough it worked like two months ago.

I’m getting this on xbox one also. lost all my KI gold currently, but everyone seemed playable.

@rukizzel tweeted about this a little while ago, saying they’re looking into exactly what is causing some people to experience this issue. I’d hold tight and just wait for another tweet, or an update here.

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This also happened to me today, on Xboxone, DLC can’t be synced but all the content was there, don’t know why it started happening all of a sudden but something tells me it’s tied to RAAM DLC, because it didn’t happen before he was put in the game (at least in my case, and I have bought RAAM, individually, not in a pack)

same here, and i no longer have shago even though i’ve owned him since 2013. im not worried though, ki and bugs go hand in hand, shago will come back when hes ready lol

Sorry for such a long reply, work sucks, but I booted up KI on my PC and its working again!

It probably was a server thing. That would explain why it randomly happened to me today. Good news is I was able to feed my addiction to this game by playing my Xbox One version, gotta say it’s hard going back to the X1. PC master race am I right?

No. I’m afraid you’re not. Comes down to one thing. Personal preference. I don’t normally make short posts like this, but I’ve seen enough “PC Master Race” comments regarding KI that it just makes me realise how petty that side of things is (PC VS Xb in terms of KI).

Just wanted to say the problem has been resolved, it has been present just for that one day thankfully, everything back to working normally now :sunglasses: