Unable to Join/Invite to private game

Hey it seems that myself and a few of my friends are having problems Joining each others games for example if I host a game friend “A” can join my game but friend “B” can’t, alongside when we all managed to get into one of our lobbies i could see 2 out of 3 of friends and then would receive a message saying something along the lines of “Someone has left the lobby you have been taken to the main menu” when someone hadn’t left, we have tried with and without firewall all are connected fine to toredo thing and port forwarding isnt an issue either, a little stumped on what to do next any help is greatly appreciated.


me too , i cant join and nobody can join me

Going out on a limb here, but if anybody trying to connect is using an Xbox One and has it on “Instant On” mode (standby instead of shutdown) they may need to power cycle the xbox to make it connect. We had that problem constantly on console but a quick unplug/wait/plug back in fixed it every time. We don’t have that problem anymore though since we noticed that turning off “Instant On” seems to have made the problem go away.

Hope that helps some :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply hopefully this will help other users who are using xbox however my issue is PC related but thank you for the response anyway hopefully will bring some light to people.

my issue is PC