Ultra ender and viewing the right side of the stage

Seeking advice on if it’s just random when I do an ultra ender that it will show me the left side of the stage or the right side of the stage when my character does an outro. Or is their an input or side of the screen I can be on so it will show the right side of the stage?

For example, when Orchid does an ultra ender on Kim Wu’s stage, 9 times out of 10, I see the left side of the screen/stage when she does her outro. The right side has the Semi truck plowing through which is more fun to watch. Same with TJ Combo’s stage.

I…have no idea :sweat_smile: Have never looked for it one way or the other.

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I’m not entirely sure because its been a while since I’ve played the game, but I remember trying to spot a pattern to this. Depends on the side of the screen you’re on IIRC.

I could imagine both the side of the stage you’re standing on or the direction you’re facing being the determining factor. Maybe I’ll do some testing later

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It’s even simpler than that. It’s determined by the side you start on: Player 1 winning would see the left side of the stage; Player 2 would see the right (at least according to my testing)


Thanks! For some reason I keep getting selected as player 1. So I rarely see the right side of the stage (unless my opponent wins). :smirk:

Since I migrated from the Steam to Windows Store version, I’ve played over 300 ranked matches and only been on the “Player 2” side two or three times. Really, if it weren’t for stage Ultras, there’s no reason for online play to have either person play on the right side; they could make it appear to each person that they’re on the Player-1 side